Words of Inspiration for the Week : Be Grateful


Words of Inspiration :

Seconds keep ticking, every minute lost could never be regained, in a matter of hours we have even lost ours. We keep on struggling for survival. The world hasn’t been generally fair to all. Yes indeed all fingers are equal but some are more equal than the other.


On our way to the treasure chest, we have fought through tears and thorns, the turbulent sea soon replace our turbines. We have been adorned with harsh weather, but still on… we move on.



In our youthful days, we have sought for trivial goals. Most of ’em mistakes we are not so proud of, but, what do we do..? .do we sulk in the sorrows that we caused ourselves? Of cause not… Life is a teacher, the more we live the more we learn. We are more than conquerors.


Words of Inspiration for the Week : Be Grateful


We will not drift nor lay anchor our ships. We will keep moving. Everyday is a present…. Make use of it. YOU ALONE CAN CONQUER WHAT IS BEFORE YOU. BE THANKFUL FOR LIFE.



Loved ones are priceless, not everyone cares. Cherish those who find joy in you. True friendship is hard to come by. There is something that can make you happy, even in the midst of your worries. If not for anything. Be glad and grateful for the air that you breath. I AM GRATEFUL….!!!!   I HOPE YOU TOO CAN SAY THAT.



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