10 Whatsapp Tricks & Tips: Cool Whatsapp Tricks you Should Start Using


10 Whatsapp Tricks & Tips: Cool Whatsapp Tricks you Should Start Using Although you have been using the Whatsapp instant messenger for quite some time, there are still some new Whatsapp tricks that beat your imagination.

New on Whatsapp too? Then, this is a good time to learn new Whatsapp tricks.

Whatsapp tricks and tips aren’t secret though, it just took you a longer time to figure them out or get to know about them.

As you keep using the Whatsapp messenger, you would realize the need to personalize your Whatsapp messenger and make it suit you, and the way you chat.

With the knowledge of  these Whatsapp tricks, you will be able to perform some cool Whatsapp magic like: making your contacts believe you haven’t read their messages when you already have, restricting the number of people who view your status updates.

Avoiding been monitored especially how long you spend on Whatsapp and lots more. Keep reading you are definitely going to learn something new.

Why do You Need to Know these Whatsapp Tricks and Tips?

Whatsapp is currently one of the most popular mobile apps with billions of active users, and as such, there are always streams of updates, tricks and new stuffs added on the Whatsapp app.

Getting acquainted with these Whatsapp tricks and tips does not only make you chat effectively on WhatsApp, it also makes you chat on WhatsApp like a pro.

Besides, WhatsApp tricks and tips makes chatting on WhatsApp more fun and enjoyable. The good thing about WhatsApp tricks and tips is; WhatsApp tricks and tips could be used on android, iOS phones (iPhone) or any other smartphone.

Let’s take a look these 10 WhatsApp tricks and tips you need to know today.

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10 Amazing WhatsApp Tricks and Tips you Need to Learn Today


Do you know that most people love the WhatsApp messenger app, cos they could only chat with people who are on their WhatsApp contact list.

This means that you could only chat with people who either have your contact or whom you have their contact saved on your mobile device.

However, if you are the private kind of person, you could restrict the visibility of your profile picture the following;

I) Everyone (your profile picture could be viewed by everyone as long as they have your mobile number saved in their phone, even when their mobile number is/isn’t saved in your own device).

II) My contacts (this WhatsApp trick will restrict the visibility of your profile picture to contacts saved ONLY in your mobile device).

III) Nobody (this WhatsApp trick would leave your profile picture blank even if you set a picture, nobody will see it).

What to Do:

Tap Chats > Click on the three vertical dots at the top right side of your screen > tap ‘settings’ > select “Account” > tap ‘privacy’ > tap ‘Profile photo’ > then select any of the options above.

2. Choose people who view your Whatsapp Status

The Whatsapp status is one of the latest features added on the Whatsapp app. Whatsapp users are able to upload pictures and 30 second videos (that will be visible only within 24 hours) on their Whatsapp status for their contacts to view, and most times have the liberty to react to the Whatsapp status updates.

If you wish to restrict people who view your Whatsapp status for reasons best known to you, it is very achievable, and just like the profile pics Whatsapp trick, you also have the option to choose who can see your Whatsapp status updates as follows;

i) My contacts (ONLY those whom you have saved their phone numbers on your device)

ii) My contacts except (choose specific people who will NOT be able to see your status updates)

iii) Only share with (select ONLY one person who will have the access to view your whatsapp status).

What to Do:

Tap ‘Status’ > Click on the three vertical dots at the right top corner of your screen > tap “Status privacy” > select who can see your Whatsapp status updates.

Now my friend, don’t go ahead feeling special when someone puts your video or pix on their Whatsapp status. You might be the only one viewing it. Just kidding but true.

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3. Manage Your Whatsapp Storage Usage

With lots of media, documents, files, and texts sent on Whatsapp, you are liable to run into low storage capacity.

When this happens, don’t zoom out deleting the whole Whatsapp app, all you need to do is find out the the particular chat consumes more space and delete them.

What to Do:

Tap the three vertical dots on the top your screen > select “settings” > tap ‘Data and Storage’ > select ‘storage’ (you will be able to see the list of contacts with the highest size >tap on the contact > select ‘manage messages’ > tick or untick the boxes > tap ‘clear messages’.

This is one the Whatsapp tricks that could help you find out your favourite chats, more MB size equals more chat time.

4. Read Chats Secretly

10 Whatsapp Tricks & Tips: Cool Whatsapp Tricks you Should Start Using

This is one of the creepiest Whatsapp tricks, but very cool though. I love it. With this Whatsapp trick, users are able to read Whatsapp messages without been noticed.

Just sneak in and out. Well, it could come in handy maybe when your attention is been caught by the Whatsapp notification, and yet not disposed to reply at the moment after reading the message.

Besides, the person at the other end will not get upset, thinking you read their chat and ignored. The only way to achieve this is to turn off the “double blue Whatsapp read ticks”. Its simple!

What to Do:

Tap the three vertical dots at the top right corner of your screen > select “Account” > tap “Privacy” > untick the “Read Receipts ” box.

Note: This action will allow you read Whatsapp chats without been noticed, and as well, the people you chat with will also read your chats without your knowledge too.

Also, this action also affects your Whatsapp status updates. You will be able to view other people’s Whatsapp status updates without their notice, and you would not be able to know the people who have viewed your Whatsapp status updates.

5. Find out if you are being Ignored

This is one of the Whatsapp tricks and tips that could be called, “game spoiler”.  Find out how long it took him/her to reply those chats.

What to Do:

Tap and hold the last chat you sent until it’s highlighted > tap the three vertical dots at the top of your screen > tap “info” (you will see the message info stating when the message was sent, read and when it was delivered).

Hope this doesn’t stir up quarrels in your relationship.

6. Find out those who read your message in a group

Now, this is one of the Whatsapp tricks that could turn you into a Whatsapp spy / dictator. In every Whatsapp group, their are people who are very active, while their are some who are just readers. You would barely know they exist. Fish them out!!!

What to Do:

Type a message on the group chat > tap and hold the message you sent > click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner of your screen > tap ‘info’ (You will see the list of all those who read your message and the time the message was read.

You will also be able to see those who are yet to read under the “delivered” section).

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7.  Silent Group Chats

10 Whatsapp Tricks & Tips: Cool Whatsapp Tricks you Should Start Using

All of as sudden, notifications keep flooding in, your phone is vibrating and beeping, “OH NO!!! I HAVE JUST BEEN ADDED TO MY OLD BUDDIES GROUP CHAT”.

In this scenario, it would be a bit awkward to up and leave the group. Might be perceived as been proud, rude, arrogant or too big for the group, and you wouldn’t want that.

There is a way out though. All you need to do is stay, but, on a very low key. MUTE THE GROUP NOTIFICATIONS, then read/ reply at convenience.

What to Do:

Tap “Chats” > Tap and hold the group chat > click on the sound icon that is crossed with a slash located at the top corner immediately after the pin icon

Next, choose how long you wish to mute the groups notifications (8 hours, 1 week, 1 year) tick on the show notifications box if you wish to be seeing notifications from the group on your home-screen.

8. Make emphasis on your chats: Whatsapp Tricks – How to Format your Texts

These Whatsapp tricks are very essential especially if you wish to make an announcement in a group chat, or you need to emphasize on a specific point while communication with your friend.

With these Whatapp tricks, users are able to make bold the content of their chats, italicize, strike-through, or even COMBINE THEM EFFECTIVELY. 

What to Do:

Bold:  type *the words you wish to make bold*

Italicize:  type _the words you wish to italicize_

Strike-through:  type ˜the words you wish to strike-through˜

9. Create the Giant Love Smileys: Whatsapp Tricks – Create Big Breathing Heart

Smileys, when used at the right time could express the way you feel at the moment, the gigantic red heart beating smiley is an unusual smiley that can not be found normally on the Whatsapp smiley section.

However, you could create yours and use it today.

What to Do:

Navigate to the Whatsapp smiley section > choose four red hearts and send > tap one green heart and send > tap one purple heart and send > then tap one red heart and send.

Now that you have a breathing heart, tap and hold it and forward to your contacts.

10. How to Change Whatsapp Font

Changing your Whatsapp font is just one of the formatting Whatsapp tricks like the BOLD, ITALICIZE, and STRIKE THROUGH. It just changes the style at which your message appears while chatting.

What to Do:

Change Whatsapp font:  Type ”’the message you wish to change its font”’

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Did you learn any new Whatsapp trick? Which of the Whatsapp tricks have you been using? Leave comment below. Share this with your friends on Whatsapp and other social media platforms using the social media button below.

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