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How to study abroad in Germany

Currently, both German students and international students who study in Germany pay similar tuition fees. While some courses still run a free tuition fee policy, the rest have a very subsidized tuition fee. Unlike other popular destinations like Australia, USA and UK that still discriminate international students based on tuition fee.

Besides, Germany also provides Scholarship programs. DAAD is a publicly-funded independent organization of higher education institutions in Germany. Deutscher Akademischer AustauschDienst (DAAD) provides financial support to over 120,000 highly qualified students. Applications are now open for interested candidates.

How to study abroad in Germany : What does it take to study in German?

Study in Germany : How to study abroad in Germany - DAAD (

Visa and Residence Permit

Most international students will require a visa to enter into Germany. However, it depends on the country you are coming from and duration of your stay. It is advisable you contact the German embassy or German consulate in your home country for more inquiries and requirements on how to study abroad in Germany.

Other Requirements

Proof of Financial Resources or Scholarships

It is very important that students who intend to study in Germany show a prove that they can take care of themselves financially. In most cases, applicants have to sure evidence of the possession of about 8,000 euros for one academic year.

University Entrance Qualification

Some universities would require “university entrance qualification” or “Hochschulzugangsberechtigung”. In other words, there is need to go through your university’s entry Entrance requirements.

German Language Skills

If you really want to enjoy your study in Germany, it would be awesome, you learn how to speak German. Although , courses for international students are thought in English language, but, wouldn’t you like to communicate outside the learning enthronement?
Most importantly, German language is just an added advantage, it is not a criteria for enrolling in an international program.

Health and insurance

Health insurance is quite needed to study in Germany. Potential students are expected to show a proof of their health insurance, when they enroll at a university. It is with this that application for a residence permit becomes necessary.

Aptitude Test

Potential students could use the (TestAS) Test for Foreign Students to assess their chances of completing their degree programme successfully. There are three parts of the test: the “onScreen” language test, the Core Test and “subject-specific test modules”.

With so many awesome universities in Germany, It’s quite difficult to choose a university to study in Germany. Virtually, all German Universities offer excellent quality. It could be quite confusing to choose the right one. Anyways, to find a university of your choice, try to narrow them down by your course of study.

Navigate to DAAD (

It is advisable to Go through the DAAD portal. The portal would re-direct you to the university sites making things easier for you. Access the portal for international study programmes and choose universities offering your selected course. Take time to narrow down your interest to the most suitable. Don’t rely on the requirements on the DAAD site. Ensure that you visit the official university’s website for detailed information and requirements.

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Apply for visa on time and thereafter, find accommodation.

We hope to bring you more information on how to study in Germany, alongside, international scholarship opportunities in Germany. Do you want to study in Germany? Do you have anything to say, be it questions, suggestions or declaration of interest? Leave a comment at the comment box below.


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