Mp3Tag : How to Add Album Cover to Mp3 (Windows)


For Music lovers, it is quite a big deal to have lots of music on you mp3 library without album cover. It doesn’t look cool right? Most songs in our collection actually don’t have album covers, probably because the songs of the particular album were released as singles. Now I guess the full albums are out, and your copy doesn’t have an album cover yet. Well, no need to worry, it is quite an easy stuff to fix with the Mp3Tag.


You could do it yourself in just few steps. Follow these steps and in less than 5 minutes you are done with a track. Note : for easy tutoring and learning , we will be using the desktop as our file location, otherwise, just open your library or music folder and follow these steps.


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Steps to Add an album cover to any Mp3 file



Step one : Download

  • With a connected windows device, (a PC or laptop preferably), search for Mp3tag on google, click to download

Mp3Tag : How to add album cover to mp3 (Windows)



Step two : Install

  • Once the Mp3tag window opens click on the mp3tagv283setup.exe to download.


Mp3Tag : How to add album cover to mp3 (Windows)


  • Open the just downloaded file and


Mp3Tag : How to add album cover to mp3 (Windows)


  • Install as usual. (this should be a very familiar exercise for windows users)


Mp3Tag : How to add album cover to mp3 (Windows)


  • Agree with the terms. Follow instructions.


Mp3Tag : How to add album cover to mp3 (Windows)


Step 3 : Open

  • On your desktop, you will see the shortcut icon for Mp3tag, double click the icon to open.


Mp3Tag : How to add album cover to mp3 (Windows)



Step 4 : Insert file

  • As you could remember, we agreed to use the desktop for easy tutoring, so all we need to do now is to drag the desired Mp3 file into the right large space on the Mp3tag window. Click on the file. Fill in the required information of the MP3 ; title, name of artist, date of release, album name, composer etc. Just take your time.



Step 5 : Insert desired image for album cover

  • Right click the small box with a CD symbol at the left side inside the Mp3tag window, “select add cover“. Navigate to the top left part of the window. Click on the diskette icon to save.

Mp3Tag : How to add album cover to mp3 (Windows)



Step : 6 Finish

  • Once you click save, you will notice that the Mp3 file on your desktop or music folder will now be replaced with the selected image.


Mp3Tag : How to add album cover to mp3 (Windows)


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If you have a collection of an album without an album cover just drag all the items and insert the album cover. Don’t forget to fill the information of the individual files.



Good-luck on inserting  album covers on your Mp3 files with the Mp3Tag.



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