Most Realistic Way to Join Nigerian Nollywood Industry


Easy Way to Join Nigerian Nollywood Industry │Nollywood Benefits - EarningsAs the day goes by, the appetite of Nigerian youths to join Nigerian Nollywood industry continues to increase. Fraudsters are also well aware of this fact and are waiting for the opportunity to exploit the innocent young acts online and offline.

Nigerian young ladies should thread with caution too, lots of rape incidents have been recorded in such venture. Meanwhile, in this article you will learn the simple, easy and most realistic way to join Nigerian Nollywood movie and entertainment industry.

Scouting for the mobile contacts of renowned Nollywood actors and actresses is not in anyway the best means of becoming a Nollywood movie star. This is not advisable. Furthermore, this move could lead to sexual exploitation.

I know most ladies wouldn’t mind breaking into the Nollywood industry with such a move, but there is every possibility that if you get into acting through seduction, you might have to appeal your audience through seduction. That is no talent!!!. Nollywood is all about talent. Moreover, lets take a look at some of the benefits and earning of a Nollywood actor/ actress.


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Join Nigerian Nollywood industry and enjoy the following benefits

1. Large Earnings

It is a well known fact that Nigerian movie industry is currently the third largest entertainment industry in the world with Hollywood leading, tailed by India’s Bollywood. This is why you should expect nothing less than a great fortune in this venture.


  • Average/ Up and coming Nigerian Movies star : N100,000 – N500,000 per Nollywood movie role.
  • Renowned Nigerian Movie Star : N1,000,000 – N5,000,000 per Nollywood movie role.

Note : These figures also depend on the brand of the movie production, as well as its budget.

For beginners earning, N100,000 per role is not a bad idea ,this means if you are good enough to be selected for 10 roles, you obviously know what it means. With time, your earning will increase , if you are doing the right thing and if you are really talented. Meanwhile, your priority should be in getting the roles and delivering the best way possible.


  • Endorsements deal is an awesome way of making big bucks for celebrities be it actors, musicians etc. Big companies will go for talented artists. You see it’s all about talent.



2. Celebrity Lifestyle

  • FUN WORLD : Of cause you know what a celebrity lifestyle is all about…FUN ALL THE WAY!!! IF you are in for a (public/private) life in front of the camera then this is for you.


  • World of Opportunity : As a Nigerian Nollywood actor, you have the chance to grace occasions you would never have taught to be invited in your lifetime. You could even have the opportunity to speak, anchor or perform before of a great audience.


  • Political appointments are still not out of the game. You could also pursue your own political career with the help of the audience and fans you have acquired.


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Nollywood News : Realistic Steps to join Nigerian Nollywood industry

1. Talents : Nollywood industry is not a place for gaining talent, rather a place of showcasing and improving on your already existing talent. S3x is no talent, Dear Nigerian ladies aspiring to use s3x as a method to permeate the industry, you will only end up tarnishing your image. As you progress in stardom, your mess will be exposed.


Therefore, if you aren’t sure your talent will pull you through,  do a personal talent test assessment with the following questions:

  • Can I be able to pretend to be who or what I am not, perfectly to the conviction of people?
  • Will I be able to mimic another person’s personality like it was mine?


You should not be the only one answering these questions. If your own answer is positive, and it is affirmed by your friends and
family, then you are an intrinsic performer. That’s the kind of talent needed.


2. Other requirements : You should also be able to have prior records and documentations of your success in a specific talent act.
Note : You are upcoming so it mustn’t be on a professional ground. Let your resume talk for you. (School or local drama clips , works etc will suffice).


3. Auditions : The next step is to get yourself ready for auditions. This is the most legitimate means of join Nigerian Nollywood industry. Do a thorough research, do not fall prey, scammers are everywhere.


4. Registered Talent Agency : This is the final step towards stardom. A Legitimate talent agency in Nigeria will have to test you to ascertain the stuff you are made of. This could require some amount of money. If you are not ready, do not venture into looking for a Registered Talent Agency, you might end up  loosing the little money you don’t have. Talent Agencies are always at the look out for hot and exceptional acts.

Do not forget, you are not the only one interested in the life of Fame and Money. If you have what it takes to join the Nigerian Nollywood industry then take the bold step.

Important Information if you want to join Nigerian Nollywood Industry : In Nigerian Nollywood industry, extreme sexy appeal, stunning beauty, and well built macho physic are considered as talents. Become a Nollywood Movie star today.


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