iPhone 11 2019: Watch Apple Annual Event and Unveiling of 2019 iPhones


iPhone 11 2019 / iPHONE 11 Max/ iPHONE 11 Pro iPHONE 11R / 2019 APPLE WATCH UPDATE

Apple is set to unveil the latest models of iPhone products and services. This time in 2019, Apple has decided to make it easier for everyone to participate in the Apple’s annual event from any part of the world. The Apple event which will be taking place at Steve Jobs theater on Apple’s campus in Cupertion, California can now be streamed online.If you do not have an Apple device or Microsoft edge, watch 2019 Apple’s Annual Event on YouTube.

This year 2019 has been a very challenging year for Apple, and they keep coming back strong. For the first time, Apple will be producing a three lens back camera phone, of which, the third lens is expected to have an ultra-wide lens of about 120 degrees.

That’s great news and very new for Apple. Some android phones have been able to achieve such heights. It’s a good thing that the iOS device has added this amazing feature. The anticipation for the 2019 iPhone models have been high, so every one is expectant.

So, we look forward to seeing iPhone 11, 11 Max/11 Pro and 11R. Although, the iPhone 11 2019 models will obviously steal the show, their will be unveiling of other iPhone products and services such as the 2019 APPLE WATCH. Even though, their is no new model, and update will be awesome.

About the iPhone 11 models, here are some of the iPhone 11 2019 features we look forward to seeing and also their supposed prices,

iPhone 11 2019 Features and Prices

iphone 11

As aforementioned, the iPhone 11 2019 models are going to have super awesome cameras and even faster processors and iOS 13. Both the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 pro max will be using OLED screens of 5,8″ and 6.5″ respectively. Not forgetting the triple back camera with the flash light.


iPhone 11 will be sold from $749 dollars above while the iPhone 11 pro models will be sold from $1,000,

Do you want to stream the Apple event show live? Do you wish to see know more about the exact features and prices of the iPhone 11 2019 models? Then, stay tuned and watch the event live on this platform below.

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