How to Overcome Fear : Fortify yourself with 5 Powerful Methods


Fear is a state of mind we all can conquer. Conquering fear is something anyone can learn. It could be  very difficult for some people because they cling to their fears and feel it is a part of their personality. The only way to overcome fear is to face it. Read along lets take these steps together.

You are on this page, because, you sought for this information online or you accidentally stumbled over it. Whichever the case, if you are still reading, then you have nothing to lose, just a little knowledge added on how to overcome fear.

5 Awesome Steps on How to Overcome Fear

1. Identify it

Sometimes we are afraid of what doesn’t really exist, most times we are afraid to fail when we have not even tried. Whatever your fear is, identify it consciously. Be fully aware and convinced you are afraid it. Visualize it, be strong picture the worst scenario.

2. Dig out the source

Now that you have identified your fear, why are you afraid of it? Dig into situations that make you scared, get facts. These are materials that will help you eliminate fear.

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3. Pen them

Most probably you might not be in the same high spirit as to take this exercise once again, so make the most out of it now, get a pen. Write them down, from the tinniest to the greatest of all your fears, also write down their triggers.

Getting your fears down on paper is very important, thinking them isn’t very effective. You could get caught up in endless loop of negativity, and that is not what you need at that moment.

4. Take Appropriate Actions

Now ,you are very sure you know your fear by name, addressing it wouldn’t be such a difficult task. However keep in mind, Fears are just fears. we create them by our imagination and it seems so gigantic. Face your fears and see it becoming weaker than you expect. Here are  some appropriate actions to face your fears.

i. Be Positive: Whenever fear strikes, give it a reversal by thinking something positive. Give your fear a positive outcome, and insist the thought stays in your head.

ii. Diet : The food you eat could effect the way you feel. Sugar, additives, sweeteners and other chemical foods can strike the body off balance. Stick to clean diet. I love fruits and vegetables do you?

5. Pray

Prayer has a psychological effect and power over fear, it has a way of slashing the enormous beast in two. Try Praying as the last method of overcoming fear, and you will see yourself free once again.

Remember, whatever fears you are having, be it the future, about your life partner, your kids, your business, your career, whatever, keep in mind that, so many people have encountered and destroyed these fears.

It is left to you to switch into your power house, draw strength and remember you have control over it. That is how to overcome fear. It’s in you. You can do it.

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