How to Open Yahoo Mail │ How to Open Yahoo mail Using Mobile Device


You have a Yahoo mail account, but still having little issues on how to open your Yahoo mail on your device? In this article you will learn how to login Yahoo mail account and be able to open your yahoo mail inbox within seconds.You would get the answers to the following questions, if you have been asking any of these questions below:



Not having access to your Yahoo mail is quite worrisome as we all know that the email inbox contain very vital information, depending on the purpose of the mail.

Unless you have issues on how to open Yahoo mail (forgotten password, forgotten username and some other issues that could be fixed), to login Yahoomail isn’t a herculean task. It actually requires very simple activities. For you to be able to login Yahoo mail and access your inbox, here are things that must be ready;

  • A desktop / laptop
  • A mobile device / yahoo mobile app
  • Internet connection.

Open Your Yahoo Mail Using A Mobile Device

For the benefit of this article, you would be able to learn how to open a Yahoo mail using a mobile device with iOS and android device as our sample guide. (However, the process to login Yahoo Mail through the Yahoo mail login site, using other mobile devices like windows phone could not be very different from the sample used in this article).

Step 1: Download Yahoomail Mobile App for Android or iOS Device

How to Open Yahoo Mail │ How to Open Yahoo mail Using Mobile Device

To download Yahoo Mail Mobile app for the above mentioned device, visit your phone stores and search for yahoo mail app, then click on it to download and install. (Apple store for iOS devices and Play store for android devices).

Click here for quick Yahoo mail Mobile app quick download

Step 2: Open Yahoo Mail App

After downloading and installing the Yahoo mail mobile app on your device, the Yahoo mail icon will appear on your desktop. Tap on it to open Yahoo mail app. Then, click on “sign in” to open Yahoo mail, or click on “create a yahoo account“, to create a new Yahoo mail account (if you don’t have one).

Step 3: Sign in Yahoo Mail

Now, here is where most people have issues when they want to login Yahoo mail. A username and password is required to login Yahoo mail. This user name and password is the exact username and password which was used to create a new Yahoo mail account.

Action: Type in your email address at the username field > tap next > Type in your password at the password field > Tap sign in.

How to Open Yahoo Mail │ How to Open Yahoo mail Using Mobile Device

Access Yahoo Mail Inbox

To access “My Yahoo Mail Inbox“, tap the name of the sender appearing on your mobile screen to open the particular email you wish to access in your Yahoo mail inbox.

Download Files from your Inbox

To download files sent to you via Yahoo mail inbox, all you need to do is open the particular email, as already described above, find out if the email has attachment(s). Tap on the attachment to open it, then you could download or share at the top right corner of your screen.

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Learn more about Yahoo mail inbox options / Yahoo mail settings

Now, that you have learnt how to open Yahoo mail inbox, there are lots of things you could also do on that particular email. You could be able to mark the email as unread, star the email, mark as spam then print or share.

Mark as unread: This changes a particular email back to the unread status

Starred email: Places the particular email in a different folder, especially special email you would love to easily access

Mark as spam: This isolates the email and its sender to a different folder. This could be used on a sender or an email that has little or no  value. It helps to filter your inbox.

To achieve this, just tap the horizontal button at the right bottom side of your screen.

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