How to Know if you are in Love with Someone


How to know if you are in love with someoneHave you ever loved someone so badly, and you really want to do everything, if not anything to make your love last? Have you ever loved someone that even though you have decided to put up with the person’s flaws, you still work your ass out in making the person  better?

Also have you loved someone so much that you are so scared of leaving the person, while on the other hand the person is trying to figure out if he/she even likes you talk more of loving you?  Have you being so in love with someone that you don’t even know why you love the person so? Read on to find out : How to know if you are in love with someone

Finding out how to know if you are in love with someone, and also if the person is in love with you, is really a difficult issue. But with researches done, and also personal experiences, the best way to figure out if you are in love with someone,  and if the person in question is also in love with you back is to pause.

Yes !!! step back a bit, and have a clear overview from a neutral point of view. Once you figure out how this person affects your emotion, then all you need to do now is to ask yourself how you react to the emotions this person puts up.

You would know if the person makes you feel happy, or if the person is just there for fun and to avert loneliness. You could also find out if you are the kind of person that would give in all to make your love life work.

Somehow you might be in love, or you are yet to find the love of your life. Just know that, if you truly are in love with someone, you will always want to be okay with the person. ( No body is an angel).

You would support the persons’s goals, and you will definitely be proud of the person. All the same, if you aren’t matured enough then don’t get so serious.  Anyone could fall in love, but it takes more than Love to remain in love.

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Few Tips on how to know if you are in love


Love performs a magic with the brain. It is very normal for you to feel you are in love with someone during your first 2 months of intimacy. But truly if you are really in love with your partner, you will find out, that as months pass, even when you fell like holding back, you just can’t help it.

Even if you don’t call or communicate everyday, you always feel the person’s presence in your mind. If you feel you are in love and a day passes and you don’t think about the person then, you are really not in love with the person.


This is very paramount. Being in love most times directs your daily activities. Things that matter the most might seem to step down for your lover. Love is selfless. I have once felt that, and I know there is nothing compared to such feelings.

You would take risks that you wouldn’t even believe you could do for a human. Love is mad. You would even do anything, even if it means not being yourself. But the moment you find out you could go all out for your lover and yet you get nothing in return, please you are worth more than that, there is someone out there who would cherish every drop of your smiles.


No one is perfect. Every one has a bad side. However, if you love with someone, you would begin to cherish their imperfections. You also look for a way to suit into their lifestyles, as you still look for a way to make the person a better person …with love. It doesn’t have to be catastrophic.

Your Love is your best friend

It baffles me, how some people would be in a relationship and still have other opposite sex as their best pals. Hilarious!!! Even, same sex best pals. It is quite contradictory.

Your love is your best friend. their opinion counts in almost every part of your life. Your love doesn’t have to just hear a project you have already planned with your friends. I repeat, their opinions must count in virtually every part of your life.


Once you start noticing that you are gradually changing from what you used to be to a better and happier person. Just know that you are on the right track.

Hold on to it. Never let it go. Even though we know that some people don’t really know how to express their love. However love is meant to be expressed and not bottled. Do not complicate things.

If it works, then be glad. If it doesn’t , try somewhere else.. It pains me how love birds could act like strangers in a matter of time. Therefore make sure you are in love before getting serious.

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