How a Guy Knows a Girl Likes Him-Signs Every Man Should Know

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How a Guy Knows a Girl Likes Him-Signs Every Man Should KnowFinding out if a girl likes you or not is quite very easy. You see, almost everything that happens in this world is just repetitions, maybe in a slightly different manner. When people are falling in love, they tend to behave in a certain way, likewise people in lust. Also, when people, especially girls start liking  guys, they also behave in a particular manner. If she likes you, she would start behaving in a somewhat funny manner.


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You just have to be smart enough to know the pattern and shapes these signs come. It could differ with girls. However, once you are done with this article, you would know the signs to look out for. When you know the signs to look out for , you will be amazed someone has liked you for quite a long time and you never knew. Feel free to slap yourself after finding out you ignored someone you have been crushing on quite a long time.


Here are 10 signs that shows if a Girl Likes You


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She shows so much concern

When a woman likes you alot, she will worry about you, even when you never knew. she always wants you to be OK! Even to the detriment of her happiness. She wouldn’t want to let you go until she is sure you are fine. If she doesn’t tell you that she will be there for you, she will always show deep concern whenever you have problem.


She becomes a “hugger” and a “laugher”

Well this one varies in girls, most girls are so stiff and uptight. While the others, tend to control all their actions especially in public. All the same, have you ever been in a conversation with a girl and you find out she just hugs you for reasons not worth a hug, or she laughs to your lamest joke? Hugs are friendly, and harmless, if this thing goes on again, just gently slip of with a smile so she doesn’t feel so bad, better still just return the hug.


She gets hurt

Now, this is a very important one, if a girl likes you, you are in trouble? She actually wants you to behave in certain manner, or say certain things to her, but…come on…. guys are not spirits or mind readers. Once you fail to respond in the way they expect, just know that you are beginning to hurt someone. She will get hurt for reasons you don’t understand, or things you don’t even remember saying. Weird! Lol.


She runs after you

It is normal for a guy to make the first move when it comes to liking a girl. Girls rarely make the first move. Any girl that makes the first move on you, likes you. This might not really be genuine but, there is an atom of likeness. However, the sweet part is
making her chase madly after you (when you have already made the first move). If a girl falls in love with you, she will go to any extent to getting what she wants. ( The strength of a woman). This would show you that women could really be purpose-driven.
The feminine gender aren’t driven to chase after those they don’t like for any reason.


She show you off to her family and friends

Well, dudes, even if you are in a relationship and your girl doesn’t feel like telling her friends and family about you…my brother …RUN!!! She doesn’t like you, or she is still looking for a reason to like you. She might not come around. If she likes you, her friends already know about you, and she would love to meet your friends and family too.


She smiles, shy’s away and could get nervous

If you are talking to a girl and she is always smiling, or she is looking for a plant to pluck, or suddenly she starts drawing a map with her foot on the floor… Dear brother, it is time to fire on. If she stares at you so long, it could mean she is interested in the discussion, but if she stares so long without uttering a word, and she shy’s away when you look into her eyes…SHE LIKES YOU!!!


If a girl likes you,she will value your opinion

Yet another great sign. When a woman loves you, she automatically changes. Everything you do is the best, until the love or likeness goes away. Even when she can’t put up to it, she just endures without complaining. She also let’s your opinion count in her life. Whenever she asks for your opinion, she over rules any other opinion coming her way. You get to be the first to hear about her project.


She does lots of little insignificant things

If a girl likes you, she would do tons of things you would not even take cognizance of. After reading this article, you will find out that people actually don’t care, and won’t do lots of little things for you. For her, it might be such a big deal but really, they are little insignificant things. They matter alot in friendship too. For instance cleaning of lil dirt on your shirts.


She talks about the future

When someone likes you so much they wouldn’t want to loose you, so they begin to plan the future. Most times this hits the guys like a bazooka BOOM!!! Unexpected! Just pay attention and don’t give her the impression she is fooling around.


She will stand open

When a girl likes you, she will face your direction during a conversation, especially a standing conversation. If she turns towards you in an open manner, just know that she is confident talking with you. If she has a closed body position; crossed arms or legs she is subconsciously creating a barrier, or she might be giving a signal she isn’t interested…she might also be shy, or nervous to talk to you.


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So, have you missed the opportunity of liking someone who likes you so bad, or is there someone you have been liking for a long time and you just found out she has been liking you for a long time too, well it is time to stop slapping yourself. Just make the move. By the way…YOU ARE THE MAN!!!


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