Happy Valentines Day: 15 Romantic & Original Valentine Messages for Her


Happy Valentines Day: 15 Romantic & Original Valentine Messages for HerThat special day of the year, when lovers, people and couples all over the world celebrate the essence of their love has come again. THE VALENTINES DAY.

The ladies are very eager and looking forward to receiving something special from their friends and male partners. Most of them have been acting all nice for the past few days so as to be treated with love during the love festival. lol.

However, there are lots of things you could get for her (girlfriend, sister, mother or wife) on Valentines day. Most of them very cheap but priceless. Besides, there is no greater gift you could give to a loved one besides your time and your heart.

As you go on pondering about “what will be the most appropriate gift” for your sister, mother, girlfriend, fiancee or wife, here are some carefully coined romantic messages that would definitely keep them smiling through out the day and each time they read of remember the message.

Valentines Day Messages for your Girl / Wife / Mother / Sister / Fiancee

Happy Valentines Day: 15 Romantic & Original Valentine Messages for Her

1. Valentine is an annual celebration, but you my love, I celebrate everyday even on this Valentines day. You are the best I could ever ask for. Happy Valentine’s day

2. Ever since I took the portion of love you gave me, I have been enslaved to your tender heart and kindness. All I ask is to remain forever enslaved in this prison of love for the rest of my life. Do not set me free. Happy Valentines day my lovely wife.

3. The greatest gift I received from you is letting me love you right, and you, loving me like no other, still, in return. Love is an ambiguous word, yet your gestures make its explanation so simple.

4. People say you fall in love once, but each morning I see your face, I fall in love over and over again. Am so glad to call you mine.

5. Do you know when I started believing in the effectiveness of prayer? That was the very day I met you, cos I prayed  and you surfaced. Happy Valentines day to my prayer answered. I love you

6. Am not surprised to hear that all the men in your hood want you to be their val. You are my most unmerited life gift. I would love you forever.

7. Really, I do not want to have you as my valentine today, NO!,  rather I wish to have you as my valentine for the rest of my life.

8. I love the man you have helped me to become, I wouldn’t have asked for any other better gift. I will never get tired of you.

9. Am I the only one who gets surprised with the annual celebration of Valentine? I think I am alone in this, because I celebrate love everyday, I see love everyday, I feel love everyday. You are the love that has captivated my soul.

10. You are the reason why I am a better man today. I admire the way you love and accept me for whom I am. Words can’t express how I feel sending this message. With tears in my eyes, and a joyful heart, I say “Thank you for been mine”.

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11. Life without you would have looked like a a sophisticated Rolex watch without an engine. IT WOULDN’T WORK!!! My love for you is inseparable. Like a stamp on a postcard,  am stuck on you. Happy Valentine’s day honey.

12. With just a look, you shine light into the darkest part of my heart, with just a smile, you melt the most hardened structure in my heart, and with just a touch you make me fall in love with you over and over again. Happy Valentine’s Day my wifey.

13. Going out in search of flowers, I couldn’t get any thing that could match your beauty, I tried going for gifts, yet all the gifts in the stores had a price tag, none was priceless. In search for words, I couldn’t find a description that would be most apt for your beauty. You are one in a million.

14. I love you above all the other women in the whole wide world, no woman can take your place in heart. Happy Valentines day mum.

15. I feel so blessed to be called your child, you are my guardian angel. I love you forever. Happy Valentine’s day mommy.

Happy Valentines Day: 15 Romantic & Original Valentine Messages for Her

True love is not only celebrated on VALENTINES DAY. Make out time to love to always love and cherish your partner.

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