France VS Croatia: World Cup Final Match│ All You Need to Know Before Watching



France VS Croatia: World Cup Final Match│ All you Need to Know Before Watching


The FIFA World Cup tournament is one of the biggest sports competitions, if not the biggest sport competition in the world. 32 countries travel from far and near in quest for the ultimate prize. The competition is usually graced by so many beautiful fans who come cheering their team in spectacular and unique ways.

France VS Croatia: World Cup Final Match│ All you Need to Know Before Watching

The RUSSIA 2018 FIFA World cup big screens blessed viewers with lots of beautiful fans spotted putting on their country’s jerseys. However, as teams were being eliminated the number of soccer fans kept on dwindling. FIFA was also, deprived of the presence of so many fans, whose country’s were unable to qualify for the RUSSIA 2018 World Cup, especially USA.

Moreover, if you aren’t a soccer fan, or you just decided not to keep up with the competition till the France VS Croatia World Cup final match, here are some information you would love to have before watching the France VS Croatia World Cup final match.

Important Information About 2018 FIFA World Cup FINAL MATCH: FRANCE VS CROATIA

France VS Croatia: World Cup Final Match│ All you Need to Know Before Watching

Venue for 2018 Fifa World Cup final France VS Croatia – Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow

Date – Sunday, 15 July Kick-off: 16:00 BST

Croatia VS France Match History

Croatia has proven to be the wonder team of the tournament, and has an opportunity to wow the crowd once again. On the other hand, France already has been given another opportunity to maintain their clear pace against the Croatians. This is not the first time these titans have clashed.

The France VS Croatia match has thrilled the crowd 5 times in the history of soccer, with France winning 3 of the matches (1998, 1999 and 2000) and the remaining 2, ended as draw (2004 and 2011).

This is the third time France is reaching a World Cup final and the first time ever for Croatia to attain this height. See how these teams managed to become the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup Finalists.

France VS Croatia: France’s Road to Finals

France got to final after beating Australia and Peru in the group stages, plus a draw with Denmark. Then, on the knockout stage, France won one of the most exciting games of the tournament against Argentina in a 4-3 defeat game.

Followed by that win, was another massive win against a stronger opponent Uruguay. France beat Uruguay 2-0 and proceeded to the semifinals to take down Belgium red devils with a lone goal win.

France VS Croatia: World Cup Final Match│ All you Need to Know Before Watching

Croatia VS France: Croatia’s Road to Finals

Surprisingly, Croatia which was placed in Group D alongside Nigeria, Argentina, and Iceland won all their group stage matches. 3-0 against Lionel Messi’s Argentina, 2-0 against Nigeria, and 2-1 against Iceland.

Proceeding to the knockout stage, Croatia managed to wiggle their way out in front of Denmark by defeating them in penalties. Croatia yet again met another hard nut to crack against the Host country Russia, and yet defeated them in penalties.

Then, the semifinal match against England, Croatia crushed the England dream with a late goal in a 1-0 win and made history by reaching their first World cup ever.

France VS Croatia: World Cup Final Match│ All you Need to Know Before Watching

Which Team is Going to Win the France VS Croatia 2018 FIFA World Cup Final Match?

So far, these teams have given astounding performances, and have made it to the top and as such, both teams deserve a win in this tournament. Going with statistics and history, France have better chance of wining the France VS Croatia 2018 FIFA World cup final match, but you never can tell, this is FOOTBALL, anything can happen. Besides, no one is talking about draws today. There must be a winner.

While the Croatians blaze the trail few big soccer names like, Mario Mandzukic, Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic, the french team have a bouquet of stars; Antoine Griezmann, Olivier Giroud and Kylian Mbappe striking, and N’Golo Kante and Paul Pogba in the midfield. These young men do know how to mesmerize teams with their strength, speed and stamina.

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Although, these two teams do not have the world best player or the G.O.A.T playing for them, both teams had what it took to defeat LIONEL MESSI in the RUSSIA 2018 WORLD CUP. Isn’t that something?

In summary France VS Croatia 2018 FIFA World Cup Final Match will be a very interesting and exciting match to watch, and Just as mentioned earlier, this is football…anything can happen.

Which team do you think will win the France VS Croatia 2018 FIFA World Cup Final Match? Join the conversation, leave a comment below. Invite your friends and fans on social media to comment by clicking on the social media share buttons.

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