Easiest Way to Reduce Car Insurance Premium │Slash 20% Off Auto Insurance

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As we all know, car insurance premium is on daily increase. The average policy cost escalated to about £755 at the beginning of this year. Average premiums also rose by about 14.6% over the past year. Thus five times the rate of inflation at 2.9%. However, this increase was as a result of the increase in insurance premium tax and an alteration to the ogden discount rate. The good news is soon you will learn the easiest way to reduce car insurance premium.


The increase in car insurance premium is an inevitable situation. Moreover, we know that keeping a clean driving record helps to reduce car insurance cost but you could actually reduce your car insurance premium by 20% but, the question is “how do you actualize this awesome slash?”. Read on for more details the easiest way to reduce car insurance premium. Slash 20% off your car insurance premium.


Dash board cameras have been used in internet road rage compilations, but now, the use of  dashboard cameras has become a very viable way to cut insurance costs. This gadget records your driving activities. This could come in-handy during a mishap. Dash camera sales had increased by 104% over the last 12 months. This was confirmed by Natasha Chauhan of Halfords.


“We have seen a surge in sales as drivers reach for in-car technology to capture instances of careless driving, whilst also saving on their car insurance.

“Fitting a dash cam can help reduce the cost of cover and offer reassurance when it comes to disputes over liability in the event of an accident.”


Easiest Way to Reduce Car Insurance Premium │Slash 20% Off Auto Insurance

Another interesting comment by Sue Evans of Admiral Insurance, “If every car on the road had a dash cam, we would definitely see a reduction in fraud because the professional criminal gangs doing this would realize that there will be evidence presented that they could not argue against.

“We would also see a benefit in terms of road safety because every driver will know their every move is being recorded.”


Dash cameras can be purchased from Amazon site for as low as £20.


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