Download Forever Gospel Crew – “Mee Ka Ha Di Gi Mma” A Capella


Gospel music is a genre of music in the Christian music. Different cultures have different ways of composing and performing the gospel music, and this gives rise to creativity and dynamism. Acapella is a type of music performed without any instrument. Just the natural Voice. This is why you should love Forever Gospel Crew.

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The uniqueness of FGC ranges from their call-and-response method of rendition, to the solo-and-choir style (with or without accompaniments – acapella ).

They are one of the most dynamic, eccentric and eclectic gospel artistes– (FGC). These hotties will keep you amazed at any performance.


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  • They’re young. They’re beautiful.


  • They’re a full package to behold.

Acapella : Forever Gospel Crew - "Mee Ka Ha Di Gi Mma"


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Watch out for FGC


Download this African acapella by Forever Gospel Crew  titled “Mee Ka Ha Di Gi Mma” WOW!!! Checkout the bass vocal quality of this Crew.



Also Download these tracks by FGC


Forever Gospel Crew – “Jigide M Aka”

Forever Gospel Crew –  “Ekelee M Gi Jesus”


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