Battery life Tips: How to make your Phone Battery Last Longer


How can you figure out what the time is, if you have a Rolex watch without an engine? Same thing could be said about smartphones and battery.  If you have a smartphone and you don’t have a wonderful battery with a lasting battery life to back up your usage then, I would call it, “Beautiful nonsense“. The beauty of your smartphone is the battery life. Not the make. However, you can learn How to make your phone battery last longer in this article.


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By now you must have seen some smartphone apps that indicate one of their functionalities as battery boosting. Well I wouldn’t say that they don’t really work, it actually tries to reduce some activities that might be draining your battery life, but in essence, the app also is contributing to the battery life drainage. What a contradiction! Downloading battery saver apps is not How to make your phone battery last longer

Although it is said that all batteries have their expiry date, yes! we agree, but some batteries could last longer depending on the user and the usage. Unfortunately usage has a long and important role to play. By usage, it doesn’t really mean just the calls and the texts chats and internet activities. Charging habits also contribute to the life of the battery.

Even if you have got a new smartphone do not be rest assured that the battery life is going to last very long if you misuse your phone.  Learning how to make your phone battery last longer does not encourage you reduce the usage of your phone NO!! This could only be a guide to make you enjoy your experience especially if you have got a new phone.



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Battery life tips : Learn How to make your Phone Battery Last Longer with these tips

How to make your Phone Battery Last Longer


1. Original Chargers

It is very important you charge your smartphone with their original chargers. If you are running out of power and you would likely need to charge your phone any other place, it is advisable you go with your own smartphone charger. It doesn’t only sound embarrassing asking people around “do you have spare chargers,” but it also isn’t good for your smartphones.

The companies know why they put the phone chargers in the smartphones. Although, most smartphones now have similar charging ports (USB ports) but for the sake of your battery life, charge with your phone charger. If their is also need to replace your battery, it is advisable to buy the charger from your manufacturers company, better still go to where you purchased your phone and ask for a replacement.


2. Smartphone packs/ protective cases

Protective cases prevent the phones from damaging by absorbing shock when it falls, it could also be used as design cause boy! those cases come in beautiful designs. However,  did you know that those cases could also be harmful to your smartphones?

Have you ever noticed that naturally the phones temperature increase a bit when it is charging, Now this is how the cases kill the battery, protective cases would first act as a heat barrier. It would absorb the heats and when it can’t take more heat, the whole system becomes hotter than it is expected. All batteries have their required operation temperature. Therefore, it is advised to remove your protective cases while charging your smartphones.


3. Fast Chargers

This is actually supposed to be a sub-category under the “Original chargers” category. Most people prefer to go for chargers that would get their phones fully charged in a very short time frame. This is because most of us are always in a hurry and on the go.

For those using fast phone chargers, you will notice that the rate at which it charges your smartphone is the same rate at which it discharges the battery, so whats the gain in that. Avoid fast charging chargers. To avoid this also, consult your smartphones manufacturers company.


4. Light / Brightness

It is quite very important to reduce the brightness of your smartphones while in use. Light brightness drains the battery life faster than we think. You could try to increase the brightness when necessary maybe when you are outdoor. But don’t forget to dim it when you are seeing clearly.


5. Screen timeout

Another very important feature is the screen timeout. Your phone should work like you. Once it is not in use it should timeout till you are ready for use. You could set this to 15 minutes or less depending on how you use your phone.


6. Charging percentage

It isn’t very nice to keep charging your phone always. Your phone battery should not and must not always be 100% full because you have constant power supply. The battery will function effectively if you could desist from charging your phone  >80%.

It isn’t very advisable to charge till your bars are full after the first charging. (when you first purchased your phone or battery). Also do not use your phone till it drains, this isn’t also wonderful for the battery. Try to put off your phone once it is at 20%, Charge when phone is 20% and stop charging 80% or slightly above.

7. Over Charging

Most of us are guilty of this bad habit. Which is to leave the phones to charge throughout the night, or even plug the phones and go about our daily activities. This is a common habit, but do not complain if your phone now requires power bank to accompany its battery life.


8. Connections

Finally, do not forget to turn off any connection when you are done using them, be it GPS, WiFi, google, Bluetooth, mobile data etc.



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