Amazon Alexa : Steps to Using Alexa – Android Phones (Pics)


Suddenly, Alexa shows up awesomely and is found in unexpected places. Places you could not even imagine, like the thermostats, lamps and refrigerators. However, Alexa fans are patiently waiting for Alexa standalone app on their palms. Early this year, Amazon Alexa became accessible with the iOS devices with the addition of the Amazon Shopping app. The next to take the step was the Huawei ; Alexa was added to Mate 9 phone, then followed HTC with the updated HTC u11 as Amazon Alexa came into the limelight in July.


Officially, android users are still looking forward to receiving the Alexa app. until recently, the latest development sprung up. Alexa has been added to the Amazon Shopping app in the Google play store. Although, still not a standalone app,  Amazon Alexa could still perform one or two tricks.



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Here are simple steps to using Amazon Alexa on your android

Step 1 : Download Amazon Alexa

Click on the google app on your android phone , type “Amazon Shopping app” and search or click here using your mobile device.


Step 2 : Install /Sign-up / Sign in

After the installation of app, first time users will have to click on the sign up button to enjoy this. Other wise click on sign-in to continue.


Amazon Alexa : Steps to Using Alexa - Android Phones (Pics)



  • Input your details, your name, phone number, or email where necessary.
  • You will receive a verification code, input the code and proceed.


Amazon Alexa : Steps to Using Alexa - Android Phones (Pics)

Step 2 : Start

Tap on the microphone icon in the upper right corner, above the search bar to access the full power of Alexa.


Amazon Alexa : Steps to Using Alexa - Android Phones (Pics)


Although it is quite an exciting experience, users will still be trilled to use the  amazon Alexa on the android. Nevertheless, users will not be able to stream music from Amazon Music or listen to your audiobooks . Android users living in smart homes too won’t have full control access over the home with this amazon Alexa. However, you could get weather info and other important utilities.


Once you tap the microphone icon, automatically voice assistant will cue waiting for your command. Amazon Alexa will timeout in seconds if you don’t issue a command.



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Get started with some of these Amazon Alexa Commands

  • “Turn on the office lights.”
  • “Reorder paper towels.”
  • “Open Big Sky.”
  • “Play my Flash Briefing.”
  • “Play Stuff You Should Know.”
  • “Read ‘Ready Player One.'”
  • “Track my package.”
  • “Turn on the office lights.”
  • “Tell August to lock the front door.”
  • “What’s the weather like?”


We still look forward to having the Standalone Alexa app instead of the Amazon Alexa app. Amazon Alexa is geared towards improving and increasing amazon sales. The good side is it could actually perform most actions of the original full-fledged Alexa speaker.
At-least this would seem like a trial version for users and help in decision making with regards to going for the real deal.


Also, try out Alexa for free in the US by buying Dash Wand, for $20, or build your own Alexa speaker with a Raspberry Pi. Google lovers still believe Google is superior to Alexa? What is your take on this? Don’t forget to use the above links.


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