Why Pregnant Women Should Eat Garden Egg Leaves

Pregnant Women-need-Garden-egg-leavesFood, Fruits and Vegetables with high amount of Minerals and vitamins are always recommended for pregnant women. Babies are known to take good amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from their mothers, thereby leaving the mother with little or no minerals and vitamins.


Pregnant women need more mineral and vitamin intake. One of the plenty vegetables that is recommended for pregnant women is the Garden egg Leaf. The Garden egg leaf is used in the preparation of various dishes like vegetable stew, Melon (egusi) soup, Okra soup, African salad (ugba) and yam dishes.

It could also be eaten raw, however it is advised you cook  the leaves before eating, so as to avoid listeria in pregnancy.


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Reasons why Garden Egg leaf is good for pregnant women


  1. Vitamin C

Garden egg leaf contains Vitamin C which is needed by both the pregnant woman and the baby, because it’s necessary for the body to make collagen, and helps in formation of tendons, bones and skin. Babies who lack vitamin c are most likely to have impaired mental development.


  1. Vitamin B

With the vitamin B content in the Garden Egg leaf, pregnant women are able to be strong especially when they feel tired in their first trimester; they also help change food into energy.


  1. Potassium

We know that potassium helps to sending nerve impulses and they help the muscles to contract. Therefore, if you are always having cramps, please look for Garden Egg leaf, it contains natural potassium. (Lack of sodium, calcium or magnesium could also cause cramps).


  1. Calcium

Garden Egg leaf also contains calcium. Calcium is needed in babies for the development of bones and teeth. Unborn babies need calcium to grow a healthy heart and to have a normal heart rhythm. Now for the pregnant woman, you need calcium to reduce the risk of Hypertension.

Keep in mind that the baby will draw calcium from your bones if you don’t have enough in your body. It isn’t such a good idea.


Now you see; Garden egg leaf is very beneficial to pregnant women. Even if you can’t be able to eat this on daily basis (pregnant person), at least, try it out once or twice a week, alongside with other healthy foods you take, you are sure to have a happy “Latency period”.


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