Where to Buy TSTV : Reasons to Buy TSTV │Locate TSTV Agent / Dealer

The rate at which the TSTV Telecom Satellite TV has gone viral is just amazing. TSTV came in with wonderful packages that people of all ages could not resist hence, where to buy TSTV is becoming a major concern in the society. With the current situation of global economy, TSTV is the right choice to make now.

Few people like the full package why? because it is exorbitant, but tell me who doesn’t like the full package with a minimal price? This is one of the major reasons why you should get TSTV and enjoy the wonderful TSTV channels, follow the goodie train.


Here are Strong Reasons why you should Buy TSTV and Dump DSTV

There are lots of reasons to get TSTV however, here are few points you should note:


  • Nigerians have been served for so long by South African DSTV. It is high time Nigerians patronize their own Cable TV Station
  • Unlike DSTV, TSTV is a pay go service cable TV.
  • DSTV is so costly that only the rich are able to enjoy full packages
  • Football fans  can now watch live matches just as they do with the DSTV
  • You can pause your subscription.
  • With a complementary 20GB , you could reduce cost on monthly data subscription. Connect to your devices and download your favorite files with the TSTV Decoder.
  • It is very affordable, you can subscribe for as low as N 200.


Where to Buy TSTV : Reasons to Buy TSTV │Locate TSTV Agent / Dealer │How to Subscribe TSTV


Where to Buy TSTV Decoder : List of Acreditated TSTV Dealers / TSTV Agents

The above benefits of TSTV is the reason why customers are eager to know where to buy TSTV Decoder, customers can’t wait for TSTV launch date. With the advent of TSTV also came along job opportunities for potential TSTV Agents, TSTV Dealers, TSTV Sub-dealers and even TSTV Installers.

TSTV Dealers and TSTV Agents are acting as intermediaries between the TSTV company and the consumers. TSTV Dealer accreditation is still on going to become a TSTV Dealer click here to maximize this opportunity.

TSTV Dealers will be Providing after sales support to client, TSTV Dealers will also be responsible for the activation of new subscriber sales or exchange of decoders for latest models. TSTV Agents will be providing technical services such as ; installation of dishes (they will train TSTV Installers to handle this too).

They will also be in-charge of  subscription renewal and customer services activation of new subscribers and lots more. Therefore, Where to buy TSTV Decoder will also be at the offices of TSTV Dealers / Agents. Click here to find out where to buy TSTV Decoder in your area.


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