Whatsapp’s Latest Feature │ How to Download Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp’s latest featureWhatsapp status“, which allows users to put either 30 seconds video, gifs, or pictures, is one of the most creative 2017 Whatsapp feature on the Whatsapp app. Most people whose visibility show “online” are not always active chats. Before the advent of the Whatsapp status, most Whatsapp users derive joy in  just perusing through the Whatsapp profile pictures on their contact list. or reading through old messages just for fun.


With the introduction of Whatsapp’s latest feature, “Whatsapp status”, Whatsapp users who have found themselves in this category have the Facebook CEO to thank for giving them a better option to stay online and have fun without chatting. To be candid, I have seen awesome, rib cracking, short and classic videos on this Whatsapp’s latest feature.

Most times I feel like having them all on my personal status display. Then, I race over to save the Whatsapp status update (just like saving a picture on a friends Whatsapp profile display), then…. can’t find the save button!  This leaves me with no choice than chatting up my contact, “Hi dear, I love your status, could you please send it to send me so I could upload and update my status?”.


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In a particular occasion, I updated a very funny Whatsapp status video and a young beautiful lady “Amy” saw it, loved it and wanted to have it. Normally, our chats are very formal so,  I was surprised to see her asking for the video on my status. (of cause if she saw this article before then she wouldn’t have asked).

Similarly, with the amount of request I had for a particular video, I placed a price tag on my video lol. Although I didn’t implement that. Would have made some cool cash though.

However, it is very easy to download whatever your friends update on their Whatsapp status. It is very easy to achieve this too with the following steps


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Whatsapp’s latest feature : How to download your friends” Whatsapp stories / status secretely


Step 1.

  • Visit your app store (google play or apple store), type whatsapp status saver on the search bar to search for the app.


Step 2.

  • Download and install app into your mobile phone device


Whatsapp's Latest Feature │ How to Download Whatsapp Status


Step 3.

  • Open Whatsapp status saver app on your device


Step 4.

  • Click on “recent stories” button to access all the videos and pictures updated on the status of your friends.
  • Click on the download button on top (arrow pointing downwards). The saved items will appear automatically in your gallery, ready for re-posting. You could also access the saved items, in the app’s “saved stories” category with option to re-post using the Whatsapp status saver app.


Whatsapp's Latest Feature │ How to Download Whatsapp Status




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