What is Thanksgiving Day? Best Time to Travel – Open Restaurants

What is Thanksgiving Day? What is thanksgiving about?

Well, asking the question “what is thanksgiving day?” could sound absurd because, everyone knows what is thanksgiving, and it is been anticipated and celebrated in grand and eclectic style annually. However, for those know who do not know what is Thanksgiving,Thanksgiving could be seen as the biggest event in the American calendar.

In the United states, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, however in Canada, thanksgiving is celebrated the second Monday in October. With this said, we all know the date for this year’s thanksgiving right, so when is 2017 thanksgiving? Thursday November 23 ( a day before Black Friday).

What is Thanksgiving Turkey? Why celebrating with a Turkey

What is Thanksgiving Day? Thanksgiving Travel Tips - Open Restaurants

The celebration of the thanksgiving with the turkey is a tradition that goes way back to the 1830’s. This was because turkey was a rare treat at the moment, but however, turkeys are affordable today but, it still symbolizes bounty. So, no stuffed turkey, no symbol of thanksgiving.

Virtually all government offices, firms, schools, and organizations are closed on thanksgiving day, staffs enjoy a four day weekend during this thanksgiving holiday. Transportation companies rarely operate on their regular schedules, this results to congestion and overcrowding.

However, you could make smart travel plans this holiday with the use of the popular navigation App WAZE. This app which bears the national historical traffic data will help users determine the best and worst days to make movements around thanksgiving day being the the 23rd day of November.

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Here are some other Thanksgiving Travel Tips that might interest you


  • Best time to hit the road – 6.am Sunday, November 19
  • Endeavor to be at destination between Sunday and 3: 00 pm Wednesday . November 22.
  • Worst time to head to airport 5 : 00 pm, Tuesday, November 21 (Waze data)
  • The worst time to drive home after the Thanksgiving- Monday, Nov 27 beywen 7 : 00 am – 5 : 00 pm
  • Google flight Search data has recorded Nov 26 as one of the busiest days of the year to fly


What Restaurants are Open on Thanksgiving Day

Since, thanksgiving is one holiday most Americans crave for, the kitchen most times goes on holiday too. There is nothing wrong about that, 10% of Americans will definitely spend their thanksgiving at a restaurant, that is why we have compiled a list of what restaurants are open on thanksgiving day and possible places where to buy a turkey for thanksgiving. However, do not fail to make contact in advance to confirm that doors will be open.

Boston Market – This home style restaurant will give you a treat of the day, if you want to make a memorable hot group feast then drop by.

Black Angus Steak house : With just $19.99, adults could be in for a full holiday meal and $9.99 for kids. Always make reservations ahead.

Applebees’s : Get awesome thanksgiving meals at different locations with a complete menu of mashed potatoes, turkeys, garlicky green beans and the rest of them just the way you like it.

Denny’s : This is a 24 hour eat-out venue you wouldn’t want to miss on the thanksgiving day. You could actually get your Thanksgiving turkey the way you want it without leaving your house.

Bob Evans : A bounty feast will be available in three different sizes to satisfy a group of four to ten people. Deliveries will be ready at your house in two hours time. This is one of the places where to order cooked turkey for thanksgiving without regrets.


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