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Popular Apps : Why Truecaller App Users Increase [Android]Most times, it is quite disturbing when you get called and you don’t know who is calling. You don’t even know if it is an important call or not. The most embarrassing thing about this is; you just have to pick all call that but right now, there is a chance to know whom is calling, even when the person is very sure you don’t have his/her contact on your phone. With the introduction of Truecaller app, that is almost becoming one the most popular apps, that era is almost coming to an end.

With the Truecaller App, we now know who is calling, calls to pick and calls to reject. We could even set restrictions to some calls. This means we have the power to seize all unwanted calls and only answer reasonable calls. (There are lots of popular apps , I mean call apps.

But this app has one of the most effective call- blocking option). This has actually made Truecaller one of the most popular apps on Android. This mobile app technology has made incoming and outgoing calls very interesting. Interestingly, you could customize your accounts using your social media profile picture (that is if you sign in with it, Facebook to be precise).

Truecaller has established a powerful system storage and network that has fashioned this app in such a way that, when people mark a particular number as spam, it appears as spam whenever the number calls any other phone number which has the Truecaller app.

With this, you know what is coming your way. These features have made Truecaller a must have app for android phone users and other operating systems like windows and iOS. It doesn’t take a lot to get this app running on your device.

Also, Truecaller has upgraded it’s messaging system too. You could set Truecaller as your default messenger. It would also indicate numbers marked as spam whenever such number texts you. This comes in-handy especially when crooks want to defraud you by sending tempting and compelling text messages.

All you need to do is download Truecaller app from the your preferred store and follow instructions, such as; verify phone number, enter username, as mentioned earlier on this article you could also log in with Facebook account.


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See Why Truecaller App is one of the Most Popular Apps on Android

Truecaller App Features

Search Number with the use of Truecaller

When you install Truecaller app, you will also have the icon for call log. It is advised to use this icon to dial numbers that aren’t on your phone it could search automatically, likewise when you are having incoming calls, otherwise, if you don’t have sufficient network at that moment.

All you need to do is copy the number you want to search and paste it on the search bar of the Truecaller app. It is just amazing when the number is been revealed especially when you receive an anonymous incoming call.



You can now use the Truecaller SMS platform to send and receive SMS. It also could detect if am SMS is been sent from a spam number, you could also set the Truecaller SMS platform as your default messaging app.


Latest Feature of one of the most popular apps (Truecaller App)

Popular Apps : Why Truecaller App Users Increase [Android]

Introducing, Truecaller’s latest feature: The flash Messaging. This is mostly available on the Truecaller 8.0 version. It helps users to send short messages with colourful emojis. You no longer have to chat stressfully by typing a lot of words; all you need to do is reply with the appropriate emoji.

Download Truecaller and join the community of People using this awesome app.

Download Truecaller on Google Playstore

Popular Apps : Why Truecaller App Users Increase [Android]


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