Travel Tips & Hotel Facts : 7 Hot Hotel Secrets the Hotelier doesn’t want you to know

Nothing can make your hotel experience more enjoying besides knowing what happens behind the scene. If you are the travel type, there are lots of things you should be very cautious of when it comes to lodging in a hotel, The hotelier does not  want you to know the whole truth with regards to the operations of the hotel. ranging from price, to hygiene. Although some of these secrets were unveiled inadvertently, there are still lots of guarded hotel secrets that are not yet known to the public. Read and get more travel tips and hotel facts on this platform. Meanwhile, here are some hotel secrets that may interest you to know.


Travel Tips: Hotel Facts – 7 Hotel secrets hidden from the public


1. Cheaper room rates

Have you ever wondered if there are some people who pay lesser than the actual hotel room price. Well, if you need to know, yes! there are people who pay lesser. Here is the secret: Calling hotel reservation number doesn’t give you the power of dialogue and negotiation. Smart customers call the hotel lines directly instead of calling the reservation lines. It is advisable to contact the hotel’s local number directly.


However, before making such call, be sure to have gone through an online portal and check out their rates. Mention the rate that you found in the online booking site. Hotels pay commissions to online booking sites. Most times up to 30 percent , this is why they would want you to book with them, even if it means to offer a cheaper rate.




The hotel is a public place, you don’t know who just used the room you just booked or even about to book. Therefore, there are some hygiene practices you should not ignore, like sitting on sofas or beds with sheets. If you are very conscious of hygiene, then you should have an extra sheets for the hotels and travels. Most customers sit on the bare sofas and bed NAKED!!!. Stains are left. The hotel cleaners would only dab the surface till the stains is invisible, what about the germs? It is advised you lay a sheet or towel on a bare sofa before sitting.



3. Power of tips

Hotel maids, cleaners and staffs aren’t paid much. A little tip could win you favor worth your hotel booking/ reservation. The hotel staffs know the rooms perfectly, they know the ones that are in perfect conditions. There are occasions your room could be changed because of a tip you gave.  If you are a frequent visitor to a particular hotel, try to leave daily tips. Tip the hotel maids whenever you could, this could also make them put extra efforts in keeping your room neat.



4. Check for expiry dates


Whenever you get to the mini bar, try to check for expiry dates on goods been sold. The hotel management wouldn’t want to accumulate so much loss, so what do they do? they stalk back goods that are few months expired with the notion that it wouldn’t harm the customers. Most times it doesn’t harm customers too. But do well to check for expiry dates.



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5. Best period to stay in a hotel

It has been observed that one of the best periods of staying in hotel is on a Sunday (Early month). Vacationers would be on their way out likewise business travelers are yet to arrive. With these you would have lots of rooms to choose from. Take your time and make a good choice.



6. Death

Hotel managers wouldn’t want to tarnish the image of the business if they told you how many people died in the room you are about to book. Well, unfortunately, lots of people die in the hotel. Just be careful. Stick to your business and leave. A hotel is not the best place to die.



7. Hidden camera

Most rooms have camera’s hidden in the hotel rooms. Most times, the hotel management is not responsible for this, rather some mischievous staffs who would want to watch Naked Customers. Your privacy is not always assured in the hotel. To avoid this, once it is dark, close the curtains and shut out all forms of light entrance into the room. With the aid of your camera phone, switch to camera or video moods. Wave your phone to all directions in the room. If you spot a red light on your screen, there…is a planted camera.
Alternatively download the hidden camera detector from google app store, or your phone app store.



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