Travel Tips : Get Less Stressful, Cost Effective, Full Flight Attention Journey

If you are a big time time “airborne traveler“, a casual traveler, a leisure traveler which ever, you would agree that travelling by air isn’t very easy. Although with the aid of technology, lots or traveling stress have been alleviated, but all the same, no matter how much role technology has played on this, traveling is still not 100% stress free. However there are travel tips that would make your journey worth the experience.



Travelers must have some time encountered some difficulties in either of the following; booking of flights, planning even packing the right stuffs for the right journey. The funny aspect is, once you become so cautious about getting it all right,something creeps in from behind. Life tricks.For a less stressful travel, you could use some of these travel tips. You might have ignored them, but they are very simple but powerful.


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9 Powerful Travel Tips for Every Traveler


Travel Tips : Get Less Stressful, Cost Effective, Full Flight Attention Journey


1. Luggage

Travelers make this mistake of packing their luggage to the brim. You might need to get something, maybe new clothes or shoes, or anything, you wouldn’t need to get extra bag for that. You might even receive a gift. To avoid this, make space in your luggage, instead of folding your clothes you could role them, this trick creates enough space in luggage.



2. Get Cheaper flights

Most people never knew they could get cheaper flight rates, I doubt people also knew they could fly first class at a very low rate, they could even bid prices. However, some airlines naturally offer reduced price than the other. Asides from that you could also get lucky, first class flights could be available, but because you aren’t in the boarding on time, you would definitely not hear the announcement. So try to be in the boarding on time for last minute purchase, they are actually very cheap. This rarely happens, but it does happen.



3. Approach

Must people get quickly irritated when they are travelling, I really don’t not know why that happens a lot, they tend to lash out on the attendants. Most times it doesn’t go well for the passenger. Meanwhile, if you approach the flight attendants in a polite manner, you will definitely get the assistant you crave for, by the way that is what they are paid for. If you were dis-serviced, a humble complain could land you a free upgrade.



4. Last Man

Have you noticed that most people that check in last will always have their luggage at the last bag cart. This would make them the last on the aircraft but definitely the first off the aircraft at destination, so if you want to be unloaded quickly at the baggage claim, check in last. This is a very simple trick, but if you can’t nail it, just keep up with the flow.


5. Gain more service from flight attendants

Sit position really matters a lot when it comes to gaining flight attention. Those behind are at the advantage why? the attendants normally come from behind and even when passengers place an order, it comes in a jiffy and those in front don’t really need to know what was ordered. Answering a front bell flaunts the item ordered, this could trigger more demands, and of cause their isn’t, enough champagne, vodka, or pillows for every passenger.



6. Ear Damage

This is a health advise, if you have severe cold, please do not fly, this could damage your ear drums. It really hurts.



7. Get through customs

This is actually worth it, get through customs by paying for global entry.



8. Gifts

Do not forget to get something for the flight attendants, gate agents, even the pilots. It doesn’t really have to be expensive but something nice and presentable, they are human. It is no bribe, however, something positive could come out of it. Some passengers extend this by getting a gift for the next sit passenger, It is just lovely.


9. Pack light

Always try packing light, this would come in handy when the need arises, but if you can’t avoid this due to business or the nature of your travel, then try to be cautious of all your baggage.



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