TrackR – Car Tracker Device That Works With Your Smartphone

You wouldn’t know the real feeling of loosing a car until you experience it. It really isn’t a wonderful experience. At first, it would seem like a dream, “maybe I were sleep working till you reached your current location”. Then, the panic, people will gather, lots of advice hitting your ear simultaneously. One of the repeated question will be ” was a car tracker installed in the car?”

At this moment you would say to yourself, “I guess one of these advisers just wanted to teach me a lesson. Once I get home I will see my car carefully parked in the garage”.

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Long story cut short, the car is not in your garage!!!. If you have got no GPS car tracker, you might not recover your lost car. GPS car tracker, is quite accurate, but quite expensive. This is not what you would love to add into your list of expenditure.

Oh!! I forgot to mention, you would also need to subscribe monthly for this, so what do you do? Here is an alternative device you could use as a car tracker. It is a little device as small as a coin, all you need to do is fix it in a secret corner in your car.


TrackR is a tracking device that could allow you track virtually all your important stuffs, ranging from your suitcase, laptops, phones, car keys, and even your pets. This cutting edge technology by the  California based company has really being useful, This tiny device works with your smartphone.


TrackR - Car Tracker Device That Works With Your Smartphone

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Trackr Device: How does this Car tracker work

Order for a Trackr device and on receiving it, fix the battery into the device and then follow the following steps;

Step one

  • Install the free TrackR app on your smartphone from your phone store

Step two

  • Connect the app to your device and you are ready to go

Step three

  • Attach TrackR to whatever you want to track.

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I have seen lots of people come home, and misplace their car keys, or wallet, or even phones. Attach this device to your keys or any other important stuffs and find your missing items like a boss.

Don’t forget about the car scenario above, it could happen to anyone. You need this device. Hide it under your car mat, the boot mat, anywhere, there are lots of hiding corners in a car.


TrackR - Car Tracker Device That Works With Your Smartphone


How Much is the Car tracker Device ?

TrackR costs only $29, for one device pack. You could save better, buy 3 get 2 free $89.99 Reg. $149.99 (Save $60!), Buy 4 – Get 6 Free $119.99 Reg. $299.99 (Save $180!). Get ready to pay a token of just $29. Pay this to end Panic!!!

TrackR is not only a car tracker

Somewhere, we have mentioned it, you already know . You could attach this device to anything that is of importance to you. Do you have stray pets? You need this device. Attach it to anything at all.

Now you know how important this is to you, What are you waiting for? Go get yours now!!!


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    1. Both the TracR pixel and TrackR wallet use CR2016 batteries while, the TrackR bravo uses CR1620 battery.
      However, just like all devices, the battery life of this device depends solely on your usage, (with an average maximum of 12 months).
      TrackR batteries are replaceable and available at the local supermarket. You can also use the TrackR battery replenishment program. First battery is free (+$1.99 shipping for customers outside of the US). It’s not so bad for a device that could save you from apparent embarrassment and even loss of valuables.

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