Should Marijuana Be Legalized? │ Medical Marijuana

Should Marijuana be legalized-Medical Marijuana

When the whole unprocessed Marijuana plant or it’s basic extracts is used to treat symptoms of
illness it is called Medical Marijuana. Although the U.S Food and Drug Administration has not recognized or approved Marijuana Plant as medicine. However, the chemical contents in Marijuana called Cannabinoids, has been fused into two Food and Drug Administration approved Pills. More medications are yet to surface. This is why the question, Should Marijuana be legalized?

Now, people have known that Marijuna has some chemicals that could cure illness, should Marijuana be legalized? There different opinion, and most are now clamoring for the legalization of Marijuana. However, some states have legalized Marijuana while others are in the progress.

Why Have the U.S Food and Drug Administration become deaf to the question: Should marijuana be legalized?

The Food and Drug Administration has to undergo a lot of clinical trials, not just in one, or ten human subjects, but in hundreds to thousands of human subjects. This is to determine if, the benefits of Marijuana out-ways the risks in patients using it as medication.

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  • The term Medical Marijuana refers to using the whole, unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extracts for treatment.
  • The Food and Drug Administration is yet to approve the marijuana plant as medicine.
  • Scientist are still running series of experiment and clinical trials with marijuana in the treatment of symptoms of illness and other conditions.

Even though that it has been observed that marijuana could;
1. Remove anxiety

Although high dosage may increase anxiety and paranoia.

2. Alleviate pain and inflammation linked to arthritis

Since it doesn’t eradicate the pain, it means arthritis patients would soon become, addicts.


3. Treat Glaucoma

Scientist are still working to develop new cannabis-based drugs for the treatment of glaucoma. Which means it is still in process.

Although their are other benefits, but with these few points, it all means that patients would become addicts, and addiction could cause:

  • Uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms in people once they stop.
  • It could even bring about impaired memory.
  • Furthermore, it increases the risk of Heart attack.

Well, are you still asking Should Marijuana be legalized ? The fact remains, until Marijuana has been approved as true medical cure, it is best to follow the prescriptions of your doctors. Do not put yourself to test.

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Let’s have your opinion about this. Lets know if Marijuana should be legalized or not

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