Serious Facts About Whistle Blowing Program Nigeria

Currently, the whistle blowing program has been making headlines in Nigeria and globally. This initiative is highly commendable, and so, loops holes should be filled as soon as possible so as to avoid leeches and roaches encroaching into its treasure house. Serious facts have been made about the whistle blowing program, whistle blower and the federal government. Could the whistle blowing initiative the the end of corruption in Nigeria?

We all have our definitions about who a whistle blower is. Well, a whistle blower is a person who provides information for the government with regards to illegal financial crimes for the good of the people, and gets rewarded afterwards.

Serious Facts About Whistle Blowing Program Nigeria

The Federal Ministry of Finance has defined a whistle blower as a person who voluntarily discloses to the Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Federal Ministry of Finance, a possible misconduct or violation that has occurred, is ongoing, or is about to occur with specific concerns which are in the public interest.

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Now here are some serious facts people should know about a whistle blower:‎

  1. Here is one of the serious facts; a whistle blower must not necessarily be an insider who has been ripped off his gain of the looted treasury; he/she could also be someone who does not like the outcome of things happening around his area of jurisdiction. Whistle blowing isn’t a revenge venture, rather a good will venture.
  2. A whistle blower who gives an information that turns out to be false at the time of investigation isn’t going to face any disciplinary action as long as his actions was for the good of the country and not a malicious action.

    However, he would be subjected to interrogation to find out his motive for such information. If eventually it is found out that he/she purposely supplied a misleading information, then he shall face the wrath of the government to its fullest. Disciplinary measures by law enforcement agencies will be carried out. This is one of the most important serious facts.

  3. The whistle blower is entitled to a 2.5% -5% reward when his information leads to the recovery of stolen money, funds, and assets. Keep in mind that this reward would come only when the money has been recovered and not as the investigation is still ongoing.

  4. Extreme majors are set in place for whistle blowers’ protection and security. This serious fact goes on to state that even if such information are used or not, so long as you file up a report, the Federal Ministry of Finance has assured citizens of their protection.

    The Federal Ministry of Finance is ready to go to any length if the whistle blowers file other reports of molestation as a result of the report submitted. Perpetrators must be made to pay in full any damages caused whatsoever. Keep in mind that there isn’t any adequate law to this fact, so high level of anonymity is required until this is verified.‎

  5. There isn’t also a standing law to compel the government to pay the whistle blowers in due time. And in a scenario where the government refuses to pay the whistle blower what happens next?
  1. There is also no clear stipulation on what percentage is to be rewarded as we know that the percentage ranges from 2.5 – 5%.‎

As much as this programme is so commendable, it also has its weaknesses of which the government would definitely fix in no time.


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