Rig Oil International Services Jobs: Recruitment and Training of Personnel

Apply for Rig Oil International Services Jobs/ Recruitment and Training of Personnel/Rig Oil International Job Opportunity/ Rig Oil International Job Vacancy

Rig Oil International Services (ROIS) Is an upstream oil and gas company that is involved in the provision of supply chain management support services for the international Oil and Gas companies. Rig Oil International Services jobs is are now available for innovative talented and dedicated people who are willing to join their growing team.

At Rig Oil International Services (ROIS) LTD applicants must not really be professionals in the oil and gas industry. Rig Oil International Services job prepares you with their professional trainings in the oil and gas industry.

Rig Oil International Services Jobs: Recruitment and Training of Personnel

Rig Oil International Services Jobs and Positions:

Rig Oil international have job opportunities at all levels and for various disciplines. However the company is urgently recruiting for the following positions;

  1. Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)
  2. Operations Team Leader (OTL)
  3. Offshore Operations Engineer (OOE)
  4. Offshore Rig Engineer
  5. Offshore Structural Engineers
  6. Operations Coordinator (PSTL)
  7. Dynamic Positioning Operator (MODU)
  8. Automation Systems Specialist
  9. Process Engineer
  10. Drilling Engineers
  11. Rigging Engineers
  12. Well Head Engineers
  13. Engineers
  14. Ballast Control Operator
  15. Operators
  16. Production Technicians
  17. Maintenance Technicians
  18. Field Technicians
  19. Instrument Technicians
  20. Offshore Piping Designers
  21. QC Inspectors
  22. Offshore Estimators
  23. Crane Operators
  24. Scaffolders
  25. Coxswains
  26. Helicopter Pilot
  27. Pump Operator
  28. Equipment Operators
  29. Offshore Pipefitters
  30. Well Services Supervisor
  31. Coiled Tubing Operators
  32. Driller
  33. Roustabouts
  34. Mud Engineer
  35. Derrickhand
  36. Geologist
  37. Welders
  38. Electricians
  39. Offshore Safety Coach
  40. Cooking Staff
  41. Medic
  42. Rig Manager or Toolpusher
  43. Driller.
  44. Motorman.
  45. Roughneck
  46. Roustabout.
  47. 2nd Officer
  48. Third Engineer
  49. Barge Administrator
  50. Able Bodied (AB)
  51. Carpenter
  52. Mechanic
  53. Storekeeper
  54. Crane Operator
  55. Oiler/Motorman
  56. BOSUN
  57. Derrick

Method of Applying for Rig Oil International Services Jobs


Feel free to attach your CV and other documents such as BOSIET, MEDICALS and other documents your deem necessary.

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