Real Madrid Vs Barcelona 2-3 : Messi Enjoy’s C.Ronaldo’s Absence

Real Madrid Vs BarcelonaThe Real Madrid Vs Barcelona Match gave us all…I mean ALL we expected. This is the second Real Madrid VS Barcelona encounter outside of Spain. Lionel Messi started early with a destabilizing goal. Gerald pique finished early in the second half after Real Madrid responded to a two zero. It was really a fun match, with wild entertainment. Lots and lots of highlights and great moments.

Barcelona has maintain their second win in the El Classico matches played outside Spain. What those this entail? Which team is better; inside or outside Spain?  With the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo and  still pondering if Neymar is going to be a PSG or Barcelona in a weeks time, it was still yet a festival of goals.


Barcelona went up 1-0 just three minutes in when Lionel Messi made a nice cut in the box and  unfortunately for Real Madrid, it ended up as a deflection that beat Keylor Navas. Just four minutes after that, a thundering strike from Ivan Rakitic left Real madrid stunned and it was 2-0. But the wounded Madrid replied in 14 minutes : Mateo Kovacic with a golazo low to the far post, following young star Marco Asension on the counter with this quality finish near post.


Finally, the Real Madrid Vs Barcelona match was a chance filled match and the second half was open to the taking from both sides. However, Pique had no choice than to do justice to Neymar’s into the box delivery. Brilliant!!!.It was rally an entertainment packed match. Barcelona has been cruising with wins, Real Madrid still wounded.


For Barcelona, it is a happy moment. A win over their rival, This is actually very good for Barcelona Fans. They still have their bragging rights against the Real Madrid fans. Real Madrid fans still look up for better days ahead. We still hope for a response from Real Madrid by August 13, during the First Leg of the Super Cup.


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