Positive Attitude : How to Improve Your Attitude

Learning how to monitor your attitude is one of the greatest achievements in one’s life. Every thing about life is centered on attitude. Believe me or not your attitude is what will determine whether you win or lose , succeed or fail. Wrong attitude will always bring wrong perception and wrong results. Positive attitude is a always a winner.

Positive Attitude : How to Improve Your Attitude

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Now do a personal access, what attitude do you have towards reading this article, is it a negative or positive attitude? Well, I guess you just paused for a second to find out why you actually decided to read this particular article…well unfortunately most of the readers are not even aware of their attitude towards what ever they are doing currently.



Attitudes most times destroys relationship, association and targets. It repels right people and brings bad company. A player with a bad attitude in a team can kill team morale, spirit and commitment. One constant fact is your attitude whether good or bad will depend on how far you will to go with virtually everything.


Have you asked yourself, how come you actually know when you are tired and want to take a break and you know when you feel like grabbing a snack, but don’t have a good grip on their attitude? Attitude does not only make or mare you, it governs the way you perceive everything happening around you and vice versa. Well then, lets get to know how to improve our attitude.



Maintain Positive Attitude : Guidelines to improvement of attitude


1. Rule out Pessimism


Positive Attitude : How to Improve Your Attitude

Now first thing you should have in mind that a positive mindset will definitive attract positive results. This may not come in so swiftly, but it would surely come. How do you stay positive, Power of wordsPower in spoken words...Rule out all negative statements, like “I can’t, Am not able. It’s not possible, am not good enough, nothing good can come out of this…etc there are lots of them.



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Start replacing them with positive statements like, I can, lets give it a chance, lets try once again etc. Send positive response to your subconscious. Of course they don’t have any other option than to accept That why it is “subconscious“. Do this properly and witness a change in paradigm.



2. Engage in Visualization

Nelson Mandela wrote how visualization helped him maintain a positive attitude while being in imprisoned for 27 years.

I thought continually of the day when I would walk free. I fantasized about what I would like to do.

_Nelson Mandela

Visualize the right and positive attitude you want , dream it, and be it.


3. Positive Greetings


Positive Attitude : How to Improve Your Attitude

Two of my good friends Nana and Givens, would always say to me “I am blessed” whenever I asked them “how are you doing today?”…I Never knew what they were doing until I found out that most of the days, they do not only acquire blessings even unmerited, I and other people now perceive them as a blessed man and woman respectively, without knowing how blessed they are. Well, am not saying you should start saying “am blessed lol”. find out what works for you.



Another instance of positive greeting is that of a wise old man, when his friends come around they would say, “hey Sixtus how are you doing today?, he would reply with a very big grin most times shaking his head to the left and right “ Am Doing GREAT!!!“. You see,
most people enjoy associating themselves with success and greatness, if you are always telling your friends, “I am not fine”, they tend to see you as a liability. Sooner or later, you would be alone, they have fled!  Talk yourself out of this mess build positive attitude  with positive greetings.



4, Feeding your spiritual self

Man is a spiritual being, there is more that happens with us spiritually than physically, most people just wake up and later on go back to bed without any form of spiritual exercise. Your attitude could be well developed with spiritual exercises. Just as we feed our bodies in response to the bodies need for survival, you also need to fee yourself spiritually. Your faith is a powerful and positive motivation. Hold it firm. Do not take it casually. It is as important as eating your daily food.



5. How is your sense of humor?


Positive Attitude : How to Improve Your Attitude

I would say humorous people are most favored people on planet earth. Being stiff-tight-up will only bring you needless sorrow and grief. Live a little. Enjoy yourself, express it, as long as you are not going against humanity, principles and most importantly your faith. Humor is a powerful tool, More laughter, less stress, more positive energy, great health, positive attitude and assured positive results.



6. Regular exercise


Positive Attitude : How to Improve Your Attitude

This should even be the first on the list because exercise is a good way to be motivated. With a sense of weight loss, you don’t really need to think people are perceiving, you wrongly when they even barely notice you. Muscle development is a great motivator, this could enhance your “I can do it” positive attitude.



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This life is in a garbage in garbage out format.  What you put in, is what you get, Apply these five tools in your daily activities and watch things turn around for you. It would be an honor to share in your experience.



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