Piano lessons Online for Adult Beginners : Getting Started with Piano/ Keyboard

The Keyboard could be said to be an instrument which is made up of white and black keys for example : the harpsichord, the melodion accordion etc. With this definition I wouldn’t want to say a piano is a keyboard, I feel a piano is a gorgeous and authentic instrument with keyboard clones everywhere lol. Anyway, you have an idea of the piano and keyboard as well. Join the piano lessons online for adult beginners and learn more.



The Piano is a very interesting and unique instrument. It is also very fun to play. It could be boring at first if you don’t know how to go about it. However, some people feel it is very impossible to learn the piano without attending a very expensive piano class. While some think you need to attend classes for years before being able to play your favorite song for a start,



Those could be found in one of the frequently asked questions by beginner students, but that is not necessarily the case. You will be able to learn the piano online only if you are determined, and you must have a piano/keyboard around. You could also borrow if that be the case, but you must have a keyboard/piano to learn the instrument. Once you are done with the first step on getting yourself a piano, then we could start teaching you about keys, notes, and chords. Definitely, if you have the knowledge of notes and chords, you could play your favorite song.



Piano Lessons Online for Adult Beginners : Piano/ Keyboard Introduction


Piano lessons Online for Adult Beginners : Getting Started with Piano/Keyboard


Step 1. Get a piano / Keyboard :

The importance of getting a piano cannot be overemphasized, you really need the instrument if you are willing to learn. it is more like a hunter who has gone hunting without his gun, or a farmer going to farm without his farming equipment, or even an academic student going for an exam without  writing materials.


If you have a piano, you would enjoy your learning experience because, the piano is a string instrument, oh yeah!, the piano is a string instruments and the sounds are authentic because it’s generated by strings. Well, it is quite expensive, and might even be difficult to borrow. But the keyboards are perfect clones of the piano, cheap and could be available.



Things to keep in mind : Piano and Keyboard

  • Nevertheless Piano’s could still be rented from piano stores.
  • If you manage to get a piano that hasn’t been played for quite sometime, then you would definitely need a professional to tune it for you before getting started.
  • Do not wear yourself out trying to get a piano, a keyboard is a perfect alternative. You could actually own your own, and you don’t need to look for a professional to help you with the tuning, it’s always in tune, and also you could carry it about, and occupies less space unlike the piano. I would advice to start off with the keyboard. Then upgrade to piano.
  • If you really want to make the most out of this online learning platform, get a keyboard that help teach songs that are already inbuilt, most also come with books, so you are always ahead of other mates learning through this online platform.


Piano Lessons online for Adult Beginners : White and Black Keys

Now we all know that even if you have the piano or the keyboard you will be working with an instrument that is made up of white and black keys, yeah that’s right, so, take a look at your instrument and you will also observe that the black notes are arranged in two’s and in three’s…brilliant you are doing great.



On the other hand, the white notes are evenly distributed and are called Natural  while the black keys are called Sharps & Flats. Now the white keys are made up of the  first seven letters of the English alphabets A B C D E F G, and they are repeated to represent the same letters at higher or lower levels.



Piano Lessons Online for Adult Beginners : Identifying the Natural Keys and their positions on the keyboard


Piano lessons Online for Adult Beginners : Getting Started with Piano/Keyboard



C- C is always the white note before the two black notes,


Piano lessons Online for Adult Beginners : Getting Started with Piano/Keyboard
Identifying Key C


while  F- F is always the white key before the three black notes, Now, back to our nursery classes, all you need to do is fill in the blank spaces C- – F- – –  using your idea of the ABC, and C as your first alphabet. Those would give you the exact names of the other white notes on the keyboard, so if you have your keyboard near you point at key D E G A & B and let me see how great you have done so far in the comment box below. ( online class work )



Note : Sitting in front of your keyboard (at the center), the notes to your right are the high notes which are usually played with the right hand while those notes to your left are the low notes which are usually played with the left hand.



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