Piano Lessons Online : Best Hand positioning │Sitting Posture

Piano lessons online for adult is actually a special online class for adults who are really determined to learn how to play the piano / keyboard. Although there are no shortcuts to success, Piano lessons online for adults will try to eliminate some very difficult sessions and make it an interactive and easy experience for both the tutor and  beginner students.



For you to atleast learn how to play one or two songs comfortably, you should know that you would definitely need to train your ear. YES!!! exactly because most of the things to be done on the Piano lessons online for adult would be playing by ear. Now, do not forget this platform, just as all other teachers and platforms will only be contributing just 30% of your success in playing the piano, the remaining 70% would come from your personal efforts.



This is why I will keep stressing the fact on determination, commitment and passion. Each of the online sessions will have links to the previous sessions for you to easily read back and also external links for more clarity and opportunity to read and learn ahead of the instructor. Please do well to utilize every link on this platform and make the best out of your experience.



I presume at this stage, you have your keyboard or piano in handy, and also you must have started familiarizing with your instrument and the keys because with time, it will become your best pal, you get to communicate everyday. Today, you will be learning about the pefect hand positioning  and posture for playing the piano or keyboard.




Just as we already know from Piano lessons Online for Adult Beginners : Getting Started with Piano/ Keyboard, the white keys are the natural keys. In addition to that, that is where you find the major keys as well. The keys you identified in the online class work, those are the major keys. ( If you are yet to do and submit your online work, please try and do so, either by comment or contact us).



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Piano lessons online for Adults : Best hand positioning and sitting posture



Quickly lets get into what we have today, of course a baby needs to lie, sit , crawl, etc all these are movements no matter how slow or clumsy it may seem. Now First things first. You need to know how to place your hand on the piano, you don’t just have to place your hand however you like


First and foremost your sitting position must be upright (Make sure you aren’t bending, your sit is neither too high nor too low).


Piano Lessons Online : Best Hand positioning │Sitting Posture


Hand positioning :  The easiest way to learn how to place your hand on the piano is grab a tennis ball.


Piano Lessons Online : Best Hand positioning │Sitting Posture


Try practicing this at your leisure. Discipline your hands to get used to it.


Piano Lessons Online : Best Hand positioning │Sitting Posture


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