Piano Lessons Online │Beginners & Adults : Introducing Fingering (Lesson 4)

Welcome to fouth piano lessons online where learning piano is made so easy for adults and beginners. All the great pianists started somewhere, just the way you are starting right now, or even most probably you are starting better off than they did with the aid of technology and other innovations. Meanwhile I want to congratulate those who participated in our previous lessons online, you guys did great, I hope to get more feedback from you via email or even comments on this article after today’s lessons

Piano Lessons Online : How to place Fingers


If this is your first time ever playing, it might not be so easy, but come on Piano lessons online for adult might be the easiest online piano learning platform you could get. We go straight to the point and avoid confusing terms. Piano made easy.


After getting done with the positioning of your hand on the piano, the next thing is to let your fingers get acquainted to movement on the piano.  (This should be a daily exercise.) Now we are going to number your fingers thus : 1-thumb 2-pointer 3-middle finger 4-ring finger 5-little finger (this applies to both left hand (LH) and right hand (RH).

Piano Lessons Online │Beginners & Adults : Introducing Fingering (Lesson 4)

With your right hand first try playing on the white keys of the piano and the appropriate natural keys 12345 on CDEFG then, come back towards the left 4321 continue the up and down movement until your right hand is very free with the movement. I recommend you play this a 100 times. Try playing the diagram below with the correct numbering and on the exact letters.


Piano Lessons Online │Beginners & Adults : How to place Fingers (Lesson 4)

After the 100 times if you feel you need more fingering exercise to make your movement more swift and perfect, tell your self the truth and dig on. Repeat the process too with your Left hand.



Piano lessons online : Learn how to play a simple song today

Learning how to play simple songs on the the major keys could be done by assigning numbers to them just like this : 1 is C; 2 is D; 3 is E; 4 is F; 5 is G; 6 is A; 7 is B; 8 is C. If you noticed we now have 1 as C and also 8 as C, however, number 8 is higher octave of C because it moves further to the right (simplified definition of octave -made up of 8 notes)


Once you are able to figure the numbering stuff, you could actually label simple songs by numbers instead of letters for instance : Twinkle Twinkle Little star which is c-c-g-g-a-a-g will now be represented as 1-1-5-5-6-6-5.


If you don’t have any musical knowledge at all, you would see how this would definitely help you start playing something on the piano, Come on Rome was not built in a day, with time you could play the most complicated songs, by then we you would no longer be a beginner.


Feel free to ask any questions asides from the frequently asked questions by beginners

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