Partner cheating ? Reasons you should not / should tell your partner you cheated

Partner cheating ? Reasons you should not / should tell your partner you cheatedHow true is the saying , “once a cheat always a cheater”…well never mind. I once asked Catherine? why do people cheat? And her reply was so astonishing, i didn’t believe people could cheat for such reasons.

There are some cheating excuses that are just shocking, some hilarious while the rest disappointing. Catherine’s answer was somewhere between hilarious and disappointing. Is your partner cheating for fun or are you the reason?

What was her answer (Catherine), it was quite simple “People who have perfect relationship, cheat for fun”. What do you think about that answer…? We would love to know.

For those who have cheated on their partners, we normally hear them feel bad and very sorry. They feel so remorseful that they keep wondering what to do next to make everything right once again.

Some are so smooth with cheating that their partners don’t even know, so hurting. While some other smooth cheaters feel so bad that they feel like confessing at the slightest opportunity, yet, they hold back because of some of these reasons.

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Is your partner cheating and doesn’t want to tell, here are some excuse that might be holding them back

1. “He/she doesn’t know, it wouldn’t hurt”, no need to tell

2. “I might loose her forever”

3. The relationship will never remain the same if I tell him

4. “Well it didn’t meaning anything, I was carried away by the moment and it just happened.”

5. “We have children, and I don’t want to loose them”.

Those who are very used to cheating would bear me witness that the above mentioned reasons are perfect justifications to continue cheating and also good reasons not to tell their partners. Well do not conclude yet, there could be good reasons why you should tell your better-half and come clean.

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Some Reasons why you should tell your partner you cheated

1. The Effect of Honesty and Trust

Now don’t forget this, for your relationship to be termed healthy, it should be built on trust. This could only be accomplished if you are able to tell your partner important things in your life, even when you feel it is not necessary.

Yes he/ she will get will get angry with you, might decide to even start a cold war, well you deserve it and even more. Trust and honesty will always be appreciated, this could re-kindle the little spark remaining.

You might feel that the above reasons that seemed perfect not tell your partner is better than honesty and trust, but it is not better. Whenever you know your partner for telling the truth, and you also are been truthful, your love will be saved and appreciated.

2. Distance Creeps in Naturally

The fact remains that once you start cheating, lies creep in to cover your wrong doings, automatically the natural connection you have will begin to disappear. Cheating isn’t only when you sleep or have s3x outside your relationship.

Cheating is deliberately keeping intimacy with another which should be the kind of intimacy you have in your relationship. You could cheat with calls, texts, and flirty moves. It is betrayal and it hurts a lot!!! I know the feeling of being betrayed its really not easy to forgive,

Coming clean could give you another chance instead of your partner finding out. What hurts more in being betrayed is the lies and the secrets. Trust is fundamental for a healthy and long term relationships, lots of beautiful relationships have been damaged with silly mistakes

You might still be thinking, well she will never find out, Well if you don’t tell normally, the betrayed partner will just start feeling a degree of distance, without her knowing what the problem is, it’s chemistry. Unnecessary blames will start creeping in but, you alone know where the fault is coming from, it’s time to own up. It’s not a sort of thing you would love to live with or is it?

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Is your partner cheating, are they willing to tell, here is my opinion

Well, for some cheating men and women, they would still feel it would be fun playing the hide and seek game just as Catherine said earlier. However, for you to be in a relationship you should be an adult.

Healthy relationships are for matured minds. Just keep in mind that infidelity is one the major problems in relationship, the slightest act of infidelity has a tremendous negative effect. It creates a very wide chasm between you and your partner.

If you must make a bridge, then you need to be truthful, and open to your partner, being honest is no fun like cheating, but if you cherish your relationship then you have to take the bitter pills for healing. Y

ou have kids yes…things may not be the same, oh definitely… you might loose him, yes of cause…amidst all these, your integrity matters. Be bold and come out clean. If you really feel sorry about your infidelity, and genuinely don’t want to do it again (working towards being faithful), then be truthful, and be honest. Come on, if she loves you, she will forgive you.

If you can’t handle being honest with your partner, try convincing your partner to a therapist office, a therapist could handle the situation perfectly. The problem of partner cheating can still be resolved through effective communication.

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Is your partner cheating? Do you feel it is reasonable to open up? Join the discussion and leave a comment


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