How to Overcome Addiction : Best Way to Quit Smoking (#5 is WOW)

How to Overcome Addiction : Best Way to Quit Smoking (#5 is WOW)One of most important move any smoker can make to enhance the length and quality of his/her life is the step towards quitting smoking. Not just looking for a way to stop smoking, but the best way to quit smoking. SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH, whether you want to believe it or not.

The ultimate question remains, are you ready to kick this habit out of your life? well if your answer is yes, then it is worth celebrating, cos one way to solve your problem is to identify you have a problem.


The main problem lies in the commitment part. It is not going to be easy, not even as easy as you are reading this article. Have a positive attitude about it, many people have overcome deadlier addictions. You can do it. But, do you have a plan? You must work with a very religious plan.


Why is it so hard to quit cigarette?


Smoking is not just a physical addiction, it is also psychological habit. What makes you addicted is the substance called nicotine. Nicotine is one of the most harmful and unfortunately, widely available and legal drug in the world.

Nicotine is highly addictive, It harms not just the person that smokes, but also to people who stay around where smokers smoke, especially children.  If this goal must be achieved, be convinced you want to quit smoking, and stick closely to the plan. It is quite a difficult addiction to break, but it is very possible to overcome it.


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Steps on How to Quit Smoking

1. Stop Date Date

Set a stop date. Let your friends and family know about it, ask for their support, and encouragement. Letting people know about it will also give you a sense of trying to keep to your words.


2. Which method suits you?

There are two methods you could use to go about this. It is either you go with quitting the cold turkey method, which is stopping at once, or reduction method. If you have been taking 5 sticks a day you could reduce to 3. You have to know the best way to quit smoking that you can handle. Stick to the plan.


3. Identify your triggers

Some people have situations that make them smoke : anxiety, depression, or environment. Identify them, they are your triggers and flee from them especially if it is environment or friends that are your triggers, Change them.


4. Get your mouth busy

When the cravings come, keep your mouth busy, chew on something, be it gum, carrot, or any thing crunchy. This helps to start up a delay tactics.

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5. One best way to quit smoking is Nicotine Replacements

Chantix is a medication that curbs nicotine receptors in the brain, making the brain reject nicotine and smoking becomes less pleasurable. Try taking Chantix before your set date, but expect the side effects which includes, headaches, bausea, trouble sleeping, unusual dreams and change in taste.

IMPORTANT : Please work with your doctor on this, let him/her supervise your dosage intake, it is left for the doctor to increase your dosage or reduce.


6. Get Physical

Since smoking is a physical addiction, you also need a commensurate physical activity to end the addiction. Start with simple things like running up and down the stairs when the urge comes, take a walk or a jog. If you don’t have stairs, or stuck at home or office, try push-ups, squats, running at a spot.

If exercise doesn’t interest you, try cleaning up your environment once again, make it sparkling clean. You could try prayer at this time too but prayer must come with hard work… Just get distracted.


7. Relaxation

For those who use smoking as a form of relaxation after a hard day’s job, try practicing yoga, deep breathing exercise, mind exercise, massage or listening to calm music.


8. Online assistance

Keep on reading articles like this online to get you motivated Most of the authors were once living chimney’s in their life. Follow them up, seek for groups on social media with the “quit-smoking-program”. Its good to know you are not the only one dealing with the problem.

There is no guaranteed best way to quit smoking. It depends on the individuals commitment. Overcoming an addiction needs a lot of energy, and strong-willed decision. Do not take a decision and fall back on it for some flimsy excuses. Do not forget, smoking is dangerous to your health. Smoking during pregnancy should not even cross your mind.


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