Online Betting : Best Soccer Betting tips – Make Money Avoid Loses

And suddenly!!! every body everybody got involved in online betting. Could this be as a result of the number of unemployed youths? or is it as a result of the bad economic situation? Well,  different people betting for different reasons. Some people see betting it as immoral and against their ethics and religion, while some young people see it as a source of income. Most have made it big, when I mean say big I mean real big.


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Most youths have now delved into this as full online betting time career and the source of making quick money. In some places , online betting is no longer known as betting rather “youth empowerment“. As the year is fast ending, youths are ready to win big, definitely there will be lots of mega winners. Get informed with the basics, and join the millionaires club.

Soccer Betting is now an industry that has provided financially for both the old and new, it could even be seen as extra source of cash for corporate worker. Lucky winners have really also invested the money realized wisely, some have also used it to open other betting shop. Definitely, it has it’s own bad sides and it’s good side, just like everything in life does.

Moreover, this article is loaded with information that will help beginners with the information that will allow you bet like a professional. It also has information for those doing it wrong. Read on and find out things you need to know about online betting.


2 Facts about Soccer / Online Betting

1.  Soccer/ online betting is simply staking money on a soccer match on probabilities either a win, a lose or even a draw.
2. These are live matches, no one knows the result therefore it a 100% guessing work.


How to know which side to bet against

The first day I entered a betting shop, all I saw was numbers, boxes, letters, columns and rows. I seemed lost, however the good part was, I also saw lots of novices like me,lol… I wasn’t alone. Now 60% of what you see on the bet slip will not win you a dime. That is why we are going to talk about the factor that will make you win big, and that is called “odds“.


Lets use this illustration ; Arsenal 10.5 X Barcelona 1.95. This illustration simply means that the odds of Arsenal wining Barcelona is 10.95 while that of Barcelona is 1,95. Furthermore, the team with more odds most times indicates that it would be very difficult for them to win the team with the lesser odd. (Arsenal fans don’t be offended, this is just an illustration).


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Soccer betting Calculations

If you place $100 on Barcelona to win, this is what you are expecting to get;
(100 X 1.95) – 100 = $195 your profit is $95, on the other hand if you placed it on Arsenal this is what your expectation should be;

(100X 10.5) -100 =$1,050 and you make a profit of $950.

So now you know about the odds, be sure about the risks and why you want to take the risk. Therefore here are factors you should consider before taking such risks.


Online Betting : Best Soccer Betting tips - Make Money Avoid Looses


Online Betting Facts to consider before choosing high odds

Soccer betting factors to consider

  • Are their players in top form?
  • Are their top players playing the match?
  • How good does this team play during their home and away matches.

These factors are very important if you want to make a mega hit.

Betting style for a starters

Betting isn’t just about leaving your phone and going to the bet shops or even doing it yourself on your device. Their are betting styles. The number of best and your strategies would determine how big you win. All the same for a beginner, here are the styles you should start with before you proceed.


  1. Accumulator : long chain of matches with a little amount of money. You could use thise to test your prediction.
  2. Both team score : this is a very comfortable bet, you don’t have so much to win or gain depending on the amount at stake.
  3. Double Chance
  4. Under goals
  5. Over goals
  6. First half result
  7. and singles


All these styles are not so risky, you could use this to master the betting scenario. If you want to fly, you need to crawl first. As a beginner just getting to grips to soccer betting, the Singles strategy and double chance should be your preferred options.

The most money is made with the Accumulator strategy. At the same time, it is easier to lose all your money with this strategy.

As far as strategies are concerned, just go with the easier as first until you master the betting tricks.

If you have not tried Soccer betting before and you are sourcing for information, then here are some leagues you should try out

Soccer Betting leagues for starters

  • France ligue1
  • German Bundesliga
  • Italia Ser
  • Premiere leaugue (England)
  • Spanish La Liga


These leagues are the most watched around the world, but they will not fetch you the kind of break through money you seek. They have low odds. If you want to hit it real big then try these leagues with high odds.

  • England Conference
  • France Ligue 2
  • Greece League
  • Italia Serie B
  • Italy Lega Pro Divisions
  • Iran Division
  • Japaneses J league

 Soccer/ Online Betting Instruction/warning  for Starters

1. Do not buy fixed games. Most of them are scammers.
2. Greed can cost you alot of loss, aim small until you ave mastered the art.
3. If you want to make it big, then see it as a serious venture, study the leagues, study the teams and their performances. Read more about betting.
4. As a starter do not use so much money to start. A loss might discourage you.
5. Do not forget it is a game of luck and chance. Your friend had the guts to stake as much as $100 and won up to $1000. Your case might be different (positive or negative).
6. Finally, this should be your motto, Sometimes we win and sometime we learn. See your loses as an avenue to learn.

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Now the English Premiere league is on, it is time to win and to win real big!!!

Good Luck!!!

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