North Korea News : North Korea Races for Equality with United States Military

North Korea News : North Korea has made clear its aims to reach an equality with the military force of the United States of America. This might be an evidence that North Korea is running out of patience after Pyongyang fired a missile over Japan for the second time in under a month. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was quoted as saying by the state news agency, KCNA.


“Our final goal is to establish the equilibrium of real force with the US and make the US rulers dare not talk about military option,”


Kim was delighted as he watched the missile fly from a moving launcher , “The combat efficiency and reliability of Hwasong-12 were thoroughly verified,” said Kim as quoted by KCNA. Kim added the North’s goal of completing its nuclear force had “nearly reached the terminal”.Dozens of missiles have been launched under Kim’s leadership as it accelerates a weapon programme designed to give it the ability to target the United States with a powerful, nuclear-tipped missile.


After the latest missile launch on Friday, White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said the US was fast running out of patience with North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs.


We’ve been kicking the can down the road, and we’re out of road,” McMaster told reporters, referring to Pyongyang’s repeated missile tests in defiance of international pressure.

“For those … who have been commenting on a lack of a military option, there is a military option,” he said, adding that it would not be the Trump administration’s preferred choice.


Also on Friday, the UN Security Council condemned the “highly provocative” missile launch by North Korea.

“What we are seeing is, they are continuing to be provocative, they are continuing to be reckless and at that point there’s not a whole lot the Security Council is going to be able to do from here, when you’ve cut 90 percent of the trade and 30 percent of the oil,” Haley said.


U.S. President Donald Trump said that he is “more confident than ever that our options in addressing this threat are both effective and overwhelming.” He said at Joint Base Andrews near Washington that North Korea “has once again shown its utter contempt for its neighbors and for the entire world community.” America will never be intimidated: Trump



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