Money Saving Tips : How to Reduce Grocery Bills – Save 90% Money

The grocery store is a big magnet that converts our money into metal once we step into the shopping arena. I don’t know how they do it, but every time you step into the grocery store, you would remember all the things you need which never crossed your mind until you entered the grocery store. This is what prompted this article on money saving tips.

The worst part is that, grocery items aren’t cheap, you run in a full human and you run out with a feather weight wallet lol. We all know that feeling, I doubt if there is anyone who hasn’t bought outside the budget, (no matter how less the item cost). This is what prompted this article on money saving tips.

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Money Saving Tips : How to Reduce Grocery Bills - Save More Money


Come to think about it, who do we actually put the blame on? Forex market, disappointing crop yield, or global warming. No matter the extra few things you threw in, “be it a bottle of wine, or fancy super-food“. It dries up the wallet. As long as it wasn’t in the initial plan. You will feel the pains much later.

However this could be averted with the desired mindset, besides, this article is fully loaded with practicable money saving tips to help you cut down on your grocery expenditure. Mums, you can thank us later, just read on.

Save Extra Money with these Money Saving Tips on Groceries / Shops

1. Do it yourself-Use Shortcuts

Have you noticed that pre-chopped vegetables cost more than the un-chopped whole leafy vegetables? Have you also noticed that shredded cheese also cost more than whole cheese. You could do the preparations at home, at-least now we know laziness could cost us extra box. Cut down cost and do it yourself.


2. Tempting coupons

This could be quite tempting especially when you see those discounts, well if that item wasn’t on your budget then, leave it for next time, it doesn’t matter if you wouldn’t get such discount. All you need is discipline. You could afford to buy with the original priceDon’t throw away money in the name of saving it. On the other hand look out for coupons if the items are on your list.


3. Personal cart

This is an awesome trick that has worked for so many people. We call it “the personal cart”, but in real sense it is just a bag you bring to shopping. Now here is how it works, if you are out to buy vegetables, you don’t buy any other thing until your bag is filled with vegetables. With this technique you do not fill your bag with unwanted stuffs. The real deal goes in first before the junks.


4. Find the best deals

You don’t really have to be known for shopping at a particular shop. You might say it is time consuming, “running around from shop to shop”, that’s not the idea. With the arrival of circulars, you could find the best deal in the stores nearest to you, then you make your choice.


5. Look out for clearing items

Big grocery stores have as low as discount of 30%-50% on clearance items. There are lots of good stuffs you could get at the clearance section. If those items make up your list, then go for them. They are at the clearance actually doesn’t mean that it is bad. It only means, there are new arrivals and the old ones need to leave the shelf for the newer ones.


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6. Check out the unit prices

Store owners play this trick a lot to siphon extra money from customers. Yeah, they are up for the gain, but be watchful, if you want to get the best deal look at the actual unit pricing and not the price tag.


7. Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is a very cool way to save money, but do not also forget to check the unit price.  It would help you know exactly how much you are paying per item. Try buying your meat in bulk. This is one of the most expensive items in shop especially when bought in single units.


8. Don’t be so attached

Most mothers are so attached to a particular brand or company producing a particular product. And they have passed this down to their kids,  changing brand  to cut cost would be very difficult. For instance, we all know that the generic pasta is cheaper than known pasta brands.

Most chefs use this and make huge gains in their businesses. Buying store brands would only be fattening the pockets of the store owners while draining yours. Learn to be brand disloyal.


9. Cash method

Do not go to the grocery with your pay cards, go with cash. Once the cash is exhausted then, it’s game over. Mums, this trick could come in handy especially when you go shopping with your demanding kids. Let them believe that once you are done with the list you begin to grant their wishlist.

With this trick, the cash would get exhausted by the time it gets to their wishlist. Convincing them at this point wouldn’t be difficult, at least they have seen the important stuffs mum bought. You live to fight another day.


10. Avoid the central aisle

This kinda sounds funny, but you know what this does to you. It’s like a gallery filled with lots of amazing things yo could just grab and leave. (Please do not grab). You have lots of things to admire, before you know it,  you are swapping from section to section. Just go straight to the section you need, and leave the way you came, do not try new routes.

Most Important of all these money saving tips is “Budgeting and Planning”. You need to plan for success even in saving, Make your shopping lists at home, plan your meals, check for what is lacking and make a very nice budget. When you are done with your list be disciplined enough to take your change home after shopping. BE IN CHARGE OF YOUR EXPENDITURE.


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