Make Money With Google AdSense : Important Facts to Note

It sounds crazy when people say they make money with google AdSense, as much as $100,  $200 in a day. It is quite very possible. You can earn this with something you know how to do best. Something as simple as just typing on your computer.  Different people have different earning. For so many of us $100 dollars per day is a milestone worth aiming.


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Earning $100 per day with Google ad sense is very possible. Lots of websites are doing this, But,  be sure to put in more efforts than the usual. You also need to get passionate about what you are doing, and lastly you need to plan your work. One of my mentors would say, “It doesn’t come in a day but it would definitely come“.


Meanwhile before we dive into how possible this could be achieved, lets reduce some terms to the lowest understandable level for people who are  new to some terminologies that would be used frequently on this article.


Terminologies you should know in other to make money with google AdSense


If you are still reading up till this point, then you really want to make money with google adsense, therefore it is important you know these terms.


Ad sense

Ad sense is when google sees your site as a worthy advertising platform. When your site visitors click on any of the ads, google pays you, if not more than half of what the advertisers pay them. Signing up for ad sense is absolutely free, but you would definitely need to reach their requirements. Might take a long time, but if you are a hardworking and diligent starter then you could  get your ad sense in a month or less.



CTR which is the acronym for Click through rate. This is the number of google ad clicks divided by the number of individual ad impressions.  Are we speaking foreign language, OK lets break it down further: If you have 2 ad sense ads showing on every page in your website, it means anytime a visitor visits your page you have 2 ad impressions. Now here is the mathematics :  to calculate your your click through rate.


CTR = clicks/ad impressions X 100

Now if out of your 400 ad impressions you get 4 clicks, your CTR would be 1% (4/400X100).



This means “Cost Per 1000 impressions“. Big advertisers opt for CPM and their is a set price for 1000 ad impressions. Each time their ads appear on any website, they pay.



Cost Per Click: This is the revenue site owners earn anytime a visitor clicks on their google ad. This isn’t fixed, it is determined by the advertisers.  Some niche advertisers are willing to pay more, niches like marketing, online products, finance insurance, health etc.



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Now that we are able to explain some of the terminologies, lets now say talk about how to make money with google AdSense and achieve $100 per day


Make Money With Google AdSense : Important Facts to Note


Anytime I ask questions about how to make money online, as much $100, the first thing I get use google ad sense, then what follows next, talks on how some adverts  pay more, which niche pays more and lots more. All of these are the fact, some niche advertisers are indeed willing to pay more than the others because of the competition and other stuffs, but the truth about making much money online still boils down to traffic. (Of course you know that traffic means the number of people visiting your website).



How will traffic make you gain up to $100 per day?


Ok! lets say the adverts on your site would give up to $1 per click, this means you need 100 clicks to make $100 right? Now the truth be told, you can’t have 100 visitors that would click on your article, very few people click on adverts. Lets take 5% although this might be high, but lets work with it, so for you to have up to 100 clicks how many visitors do you need
lets do the mathematics once again

100 /0.05 = 2000

Wow!!!  you need 2000 visitors and in a month you you need 2000 X 31 = 62000 visitors.

This is just an estimation. This is not to scare new site owners too, rather it should stand as a motivation,  all you need to know is, it is quite achievable, all you need is persistence and perseverance. Although as time goes on, the competition gets stronger but, come on! you can do it!!



Can you gain traffic naturally?


To naturally gain traffic, you need to be posting new stuffs on daily basis. If you are able to produce about 600 good articles with each article attracting not less than 50 views per day then you are close to achieving your dream. Also, don’t forget to make friends with other good website owners. Make relevant comments and even write articles for them, who knows, you might get lucky. For new website owners, do not be discouraged with views less than 100, keep publishing, and try to learn from your posts. All sites are different, visitors too are different. Find out what your readers love and improve on them.


Since you have decided to join the business of creating content, it is very possible to make money with google adsense and earn $100 per day and more from ad sense. Just put in your best on your article content. Your readers first, before any other Search engine protocols.



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Wish you luck. Share your experience via comment box.



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