Learn 9 Secret Whatsapp Tricks │How to Catch Cheating Partner (#6)

Whatsapp…Wonderful Whatsapp…Beautiful Whatsapp… I remember a time when the ultimate instant messenger BBM was knocked out by the ever evolving messenger app Whatsapp . Practically there are lots of other amazing instant messenger platforms, but, Whatsapp has this matured and spectacular thing about it, with lots of Whatsapp tricks and tips. 

Whatsapp has lots of wonderful features, lots of secret Whatsapp tricks, that makes it stand out among other instant messenger app. We still look forward to the amazing Whatsapp business feature.

The Whatsapp status feature is already making records, so many users uploading Whatsapp stories in a day, isn’t this app amazing? With the number of people updating Whatsapp stories,  users have also learnt how to download the whatsapp stories or whatsapp status updates.

Communication plays a vital role especially in relationships. Whatsapp has helped alot of relationships, get a lot better or …  Cheating has also become so easy with this instant messenger. (Cheating isn’t just about sleeping with another partner, but the betrayal of intimacy) which could be done in various ways especially with the chats and calls.

With some of the tips in this article you will be able to learn new secret Whatsapp tricks and spot on time, if your partner is cheating, has been cheating or planning cheat with their Whatsapp chat behaviors.


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9 Secret Whatsapp Tricks You Never knew Existed

1. Hide Profile Picture

Suddenly you are no longer able to see your partner’s profile picture, and you fill he/she just removed it. Well maybe or maybe not…they don’t want you to know what type of pictures they put on their display picture section. Alibi : It is also very useful when you are a part of a group where you don’t know so many people. Whatsapp allows you to choose who sees your profile pictures.

How to achieve this – Android & ios : Click on settings > account > Profile photo

2. See Chat without opening

This is not yet available for android users, Apple users can see the contacts of unread messages without opening it by adding the Whatsapp recent chat widget to their device. Apple users are able to see up to eight chats on and decide to read or to ignore.

How to achieve this:

ios : Swipe left to right from your lock screen. edit icon below > add Whatsapp recent chats icon . rearrange your widget the way you like it.

3. Stop seeing messages on home screen

Learn 9 Secret Whatsapp Tricks │How to Catch Cheating Partner (#6)

In some relationships, couples are allowed to use the others phone freely, while in some it is FORBIDDEN… even those that have locked their phones with security codes still panic at the sight of  their phone is in their partner’s hand. ( for the fear of a flirty Whatsapp message might popping up on the home screen) lol. If you partner is so conscious of their phones…beware…

This is also not possible with android phones but android users can achieve this with their phone settings not Whatsapp app settings.

How to achieve this:

ios : Settings > Notifications> off show notifications.

4. Read Receipt

Learn 9 Secret Whatsapp Tricks │How to Catch Cheating Partner (#6)

If you are in a relationship and your partner is using the hide read receipts (blue double ticks indicating read) it’s time to up your game, or make some reviews. Alibi : Hiding the blue ticks may also be for people who don’t reply instantly. Most people have their reasons to turn it off, but come on, it’s not worth it, you also don’t get to know when people have also read your own message. This is one of the trending secret Whatsapp tricks.


It takes alot of nerve to do this. Alternatively, you don’t need to turn it off, with the Siri app, you could also read messages
without reflecting the double blue ticks.


How to achieve this :

Android: Click on settings  > Accounts >Privacy > un-tick read receipts
ios : Click on settings > accounts > Privacy > un-tick read receipts


5. Using Siri to read messages

Apple users are very familiar with this app. This helps you to read messages without indicating that messages have been read. This is used when a friend’s chat has started becoming boring, or when your contact is so busy and doesn’t want to loose focus in the new and exciting on going chat


6. Play detective : How long have you being ignore

Girls would love this part. It can be so annoying being ignored on Whatsapp especially while having an intimate chat with your partner, yet… they are online. Well, if your partner has enabled the blue double-tick read receipt, how do you know they have read your messages. This is how to know if they have been ignoring you for a more fun chat. (it could be self torture though).
How to achieve this :

Android : Tap for long the specific chat > tap on the i icon above
ios : chats> specific chat > Tap and hold chat > tap the i icon at the top


7. Customize notifications

You could assign a particular notification tune to a particular contact either to mark importance or …. You could actually know who is calling or messaging without getting a hold of your phone.

How to achieve this :

Android & ios : chats > Specific chat > tap contacts name > custom notification

8. More emphasis : Bold, Italics, Strickthrough

Emphasis is key in effective communication ranging from business, relationships and fun communication. Whatsapp gives you the freedom to express yourself the best way you can use it.

How to achieve this :

Android : Bold– place * asterisk before and after the word or sentences.
Italics : Place _ underscore before and after the word or sentences.
Strikethrough : place ~Wavy symbol before and after the word or sentences.
Use them combine them if you wish : Newzified.com


9. Mark Read Chats as unread

When you mistakenly read a chat you have been avoiding, all you need to do is play smart and mark as unread. Well if your partner does this to you…hmmmm…well find out if you are victim. Be vigilant.
How to achieve this :

Android : Long press chat > open menu >Mark as unread
ios : Open chat > Swap left to right> mark as unread

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Which of these secret Whatsapp tricks did you learn today. Leave comment below.

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