Irma – Florida Governor Fears Deadly Hurricane Will Destroy Lives

A stern warning has been given to 20 million inhabitants in Florida to evacuate as Hurricane Irma bears down for a direct hit on the southern US. This warning was given by the Florida Governor Rick Scott.


In a briefing in Palm Beach Scott said, “This storm is powerful and deadly… Do not ignore evacuation orders. Remember, we can rebuild your home, we can’t rebuild your life,” he said. “All Floridians should be prepared to evacuate soon.”



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Irma - Florida Governor Fears Deadly Hurricane Will Destroy Lives


Florida is up for a direct hit from Irma, a category 4 hurricane that’s packing winds of over 140 mph. Although Irma was downgraded from a category five storm to a category four storm, it is still extremely dangerous, the winds aren’t friendly at all.



Mandatory evacuations has been ordered by Scott in Monroe county, Miami-Dade county and other low-lying and coastal counties in the state. This evacuation will affect more than 1000000 Floridians, making it the largest evacuation in the state’s history.


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“Today is the day to do the right thing for your family and get inland for safety,” he said, adding that the storm “is wider than our entire state.”

“It is expected to cause major and life threatening impacts from coast to coast,” Scott said.

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