Instagram Post that Made John Terry loose £400000

With the advent of the social media, lifestyle changes keep increasing. People either influence ,or are being influenced with the visuals that hit their sight. The main sources of lifestyle changes could be Clothing, travels, how and what people eat, then finally trends. Instagram post and Facebook post are very popular and have lots of reaches. These two have great influence on lifestyle.

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Although some visuals posted on social media ( Twitter, Facebook, Instagram post etc) could be true about the person who owns the social media account, but on the other way round, it goes a long way to affect both positively and negatively, the person who posted the visuals ( Pictures and videos) and the person who has enjoyed the visuals being posted.


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Let’s have a quick look at this scenario where burglars stole an “eye watering” £400,000 worth of designer bags and jewelries from former England captain, John Terry’s mansion after his Instagram post of himself enjoying a ski trip.

Instagram Post that Made John Terry loose £400000

Former England captain John Terry posted a pix of his good time out , on a skiing trio with his family. It was alleged that he made boast captions to his 3.4 million followers on the social media, he wrote on his Instagram, “great few days away skiing with the family”.


While the couple were catching fun in their exorbitant holiday trip that wasn’t void of visuals (photos and videos were obviously shared), they negatively influenced and alerted some hoodlums, who broke into their £5,000,000 mansion in Oxshott, Surrey. They took their time, ransacking and swiping designer handbags owned by Mrs. Terry worth £126,000 and rare signed first edition Harry Potter books valued at £18,000.


With their accurate calculations made, and knowing that the former England Captain and family aren’t returning soon, the gang had the audacity to investigate and look out for other priceless take away gifts for themselves. Allegedly, they returned later that night to break into a safe.


On the 27th day of July, Kingston Crown Court heard how an ‘eye watering’ collection of designer jewelries and handbags were looted from the ‘vast’ collection of Toni Terry (Former England Captain’s wife), who loves designer handbags so much that her husband had a handbag shaped cake made for her birthday last year, which she proudly shared on Instagram.

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The raiders who were out to sweep- off all designer bags couldn’t carry all, as a result of the outrageous collection of handbags owned by Toni. They decided to go for the most valued ones which included ; £42,000 snakeskin Hermes bag, Chanel bags worth £8,000 and others from Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent.


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Death Sentence awaits all five people involved in this act. Who is to blame? Former England captain? The burglars? Social media or  the society?
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