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Halloween is fast approaching, autumn is closing in real fast, the view of nicely cut pumpkins and scents, very nostalgic. However it wouldn’t be out of point to watch movies that pertain to the season. What do you think? We are looking forward to a spooky season, lets watch spooky…but wait a minute where can you watch Halloween movies this period?



Here are places where you can watch Halloween movies as you wish

1. Netflix
2. Hulu
3. TV

Its not supposed to be a gloomy season is it?, keep it alive. Spice up the Halloween. It doesn’t matter if you want to dig into the scariest movies, or you would want a classic to remember for the rest of the year. You could give your self a treat


Here are 5 selected classic Halloween movies we have recommended for you : Watch Halloween movies this season


1. Practical Magic

A 1998 movie by Nicole Kidman and Sandra bullock


2. Sleepy Hollow

The 1999 Tim Hurton’s sleepy hollow is bound to creep you out with mind blowing imaginations.


3. The Addams Family

The couple goal movie with lots of crazy costume. This could be apt. (Gomez and Morticia)

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

The 1993 movie will keep you engaged at every moment, wait a minute… did I just see Christmas? well its an awesome movie..Enjoy. and have great fun.

5. Disturbing behavior

The 1998 Teen movie will keep you sit tight with the high level of suspense.
All these movies could be watched on Netflix. Make your Halloween the best you have experienced. Well, don’t just enjoy the season, it’s almost new year…Lots of beautiful things ahead.


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Click here to learn how to watch Halloween movies on the Netflix.


Join the discussion. Suggest other classic Halloween movies of your choice with a comment below.

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