How to Vote on Strictly Come Dancing Show : Vote Online or by Phone

With Debbie MCGee still topping the leader-board for the third week running and Pop star Aston Merry-gold and pro partner Janetter Manrara suffering a shocking elimination, the Strictly Come Dancing competition just got more interesting. However, if you still don’t know how to vote on Strictly Come Dancing show, here is your guide to ensure that your favorite couple still remains in the competition.

Guide on How to vote on Strictly Come Dancing Online

How to Vote on Strictly Come Dancing Show : Vote Online or by Phone

For you to be able to cast a valid vote online, you will need to register. However, if you already have a BBC account that was set up from last year, just sign in. Sign in at any time at

Whenever the polls for voting are open, the link to vote will appear at the tip of the page of the interface Strictly homepage.

Quick note on How to vote on Strictly Come Dancing Competition Online

  • Voters who sign in form the Strictly homepage will be taken to the sign in page. Afterwards will be redirected to vote automatically.
  • Registration is once, and unless you sign out, you will stay signed in on the device you registered with.
  • Ensure you register, sign in and be on time for the voting action.
  • Afterwards, select “vote now” which will be next to the couple you would love to vote for.
  • Voting online will give you the ability to vote three times for your best couple. (This does not apply in the Grand final) You will be allowed to vote only once at the Grand final.


How to Vote on Strictly Come Dancing by Phone

If you wish to vote by phone, phone numbers will be given out during the show (This would be after each couple has gas performed their dance). The numbers would be shown again at the end.

They will then be made available on the Strictly homepage when the vote is open.

This year’s season has been intriguing and very exciting, what are your thoughts about the strictly come dancing show? Leave a comment below.

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