How to Use Netflix Like a Pro: Netflix Complete Guide For Dummies


How to Use Netflix Like a Pro: Netflix Full Guide For Dummies

If you are on this page, it simply means you have heard about Netflix and wish to learn how to use Netflix for free on your web browser. However, if you still don’t know a thing about Netflix, take out some time to peruse through this brief article about Netflix.

Moreover, if you want to know how to use Netflix like a pro, or you want to teach someone to learn about Netflix usage, then you are on the right platform. Here you will learn how to use Netflix, not just knowing how to use Netflix but more importantly like a pro.

Before we get to details on how to use Netflix, it would interest you to know that Netflix now has over 100 million subscribers. Oh boy!!! that’s some milestone achieved. Another interesting fact about this is; half of ’em subscribers are U.S users.

So, if you have actually been having doubts about subscribing to Netflix you could try out the NETFLIX Free account Version. There is no harm in trial, besides over 100 million people can’t be in the wrong place at the same time. So lets go ahead to deal with how to use Netflix.

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Guide on How to Use Netflix on your Web Browser

A) Navigate to the official Netflix website by going to your search box on your browser. Type and hit the enter key.

B) At the Netflix home screen you will see the option to “Start your Free Month”. (You will have to click that and fill some information and credit card details).

How to Use Netflix Like a Pro: Netflix Full Guide For Dummies

Click here to read more about how to watch Netflix for free.

The Next thing to do is sign in Netflix or Login Netflix.

Netflix Sign In / Netflix Login

i) Having registered your Netflix account, scroll to Netflix “Member sign in” and click on it.

ii) Enter the email address and password you used for your Netflix account registration and click on “continue”.

The above action will take you to your very own Netflix homepage. Here you will notice lots of TV shows and movies separated in categories.

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How to Use Netflix/ How to Watch a Movie on Netflix / What to Watch on Netflix

To watch a movie or TV show on Netflix (still on your Netflix homepage), all you need to do is hover over any of the movie of your choice and a red play button with information about the movie will pop up. If it is your kind of movies, click the red button and it would play.

How to Use Netflix Like a Pro: Netflix Full Guide For Dummies

Netflix Categories : What is on Netflix?

Popular on Netflix: These are the TV shows and movies other Netflix users have viewed and liked a lot more than the other TV shows and movies. You will find the right and left arrow keys at the extreme of this category to enable you view the collection of movies and TV shows in this category.

Top Picks for you: This is the category of the top rated movies.  You could also rate movies when you hover over them. (Scroll to the five stars at the pop up info and rate a movie).

Other Categories are;
Netflix TV Shows, Exciting Movies, Goofy comedies, Suspenseful Movies, Crime Movies, New Release and the list goes on and on and on.

There are lots of categories of TV shows and movies on Netflix, take your time to go through them. You will find good movies to watch on Netflix.

How to Use Netflix_What to Watch on Netflix?

Just as already mentioned, there are lots of things to watch on Netflix, the question is, ” Do you have the time to spare on Netflix? However, if you really don’t wish to waste time going through the categories, to find what to watch on Netflix, that means already have a particular movie or TV show to watch in mind. All you need to do is search.

How to Find What to Watch on Netflix/ How to Search for Netflix Movies

i. Navigate to your top home screen to Netflix search box.

ii. Type in the title of the movies, or the name of the person that directed it and Netflix will find find results for you in seconds. (You will also notice Netflix’s suggestions as you type).

How to Use Netflix Like a Pro: Netflix Full Guide For Dummies

iii. With the results ready, you could decide to watch immediately by clicking on the play sign or watch the movie later by adding it to your queue of movies to watch. (Achieve this by clicking on the “Instant queue” ).

To access the movies you wished to watch later, click on the “instant queue” category at the top corner of your Netflix homepage and you will see all movies in the category. (You can play them immediately, rate, and even remove if you are done watching them). Download free Fzmovies Hollywood & Bollywood Latest in HD

How to Watch Netflix Instantly

How to Use Netflix Like a Pro: Netflix Full Guide For Dummies

At the top left corner of your Netflix home page you will also see “watch instantly” category, this helps narrow down the categories with a drop down menu so as to hasten your search. You could also see movies with subtitles and movies shot in HD.


Oh yeah, most definitely, Netflix has it’s own kids collection, you will be able to find it still on the top left corner beside the “watch instantly” category. With this you are very sure that your kids will not be seeing what they aren’t supposed to see.

How to Use Netflix Like a Pro: Netflix Full Guide For Dummies

Rate Movies on Netflix for More Netflix Movies suggestions (Top Picks Category)

Netflix also has a way of suggesting awesome movies and TV shows for you, but you will have to let Netflix know the kind of movies and TV shows you like.

How do you do that? Scroll down to the option where you will see “Rate what you’ve seen to discover suggestions for you“. Here you would be presented with a range of TV shows and movies you must have you seen.

All you need to do is drag your mouse over the rating stars as they change colour from ash to yellow. However, if you haven’t seen any of the movies already presented before you; hit the “X” sign for close or click on “Haven’t seen them” and more options will pop up.

How to Use Netflix Like a Pro: Netflix Full Guide For Dummies

You could rate as much movies and TV shows as possible. This action will help Netflix organize your “Top picks” category.

If you have been having doubts using Netflix, just give a trial to it’s free trial version. You can read up HOW TO USE NETFLIX FOR FREE here.

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