How to Participate in Take Me Out (UK Game Show) : Application Form

How to Participate in Take Me Out out Reality Dating Show

Take Me out UK game TV Reality show is one of the hottest reality dating show been aired on TV. The Take me out reality TV is based on the format of Taken out Australian Television dating game show (this was originally shown on Network 10).

Take me out reality TV show is an awesome event where 30 single women standing behind a podium select 7 men that will be introduced one the other. The show is currently sponsored by Scholl, as of 2017

The host of Take me out show has taken the presentation skills to another level which has made the show very exciting and fun to watch. Take me out Matchmaking program with the wonderful, hilarious host Paddy McGuiness is a show you will not like to miss watching or  participating.

The Take me out UK TV show is now more exciting and unique. It has a an upgrade from the last season (which is the introduction of the four God’s of Love who served to comment on the man and the woman).


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How to Participate in Take Me Out TV Dating Game Show : Application form - Requirements


How to Participate in Take Me Out : Registration Details

Take me out UK game show is currently seeking single boys and girls to appear on the next series of Take me out. If you are haunting for romance and yearning for a romantic trip on the sunny Island of Fernando this is your chance to apply.


Here are the following criteria needed to participate on the Take me out UK Tv show

Candidates must be :


  • Male or female single
  • Minimum Age of 21 years
  • Have an interesting , attractive and expressive personality.


Also to participate on the take me out special you will have to be a single man or woman over 50 years.

To qualify for the Take me out reality TV show interested candidates will complete the following data

  1. name
  2. Age
  3. Telephone
  4. Address
  5. Profession
  6. Education and lots more

Also to be included is a photograph of the candidate


How to Participate in Take Me Out Match-making show : Method of Application

Interested candidates should obtain their application forms, read it carefully and follow the instructions.

* Boys’ Application or Girls’ Application

* Men’s Application or Ladies’ Application


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