How to look good in pictures : Learn to be Photogenic

Many of us frown when we don’t appear very fine in pictures, it even pains the more when someone tells you “you are not photogenic”. Some people have also used this as an excuse not to take pictures or a reason for spoiling a cute pix, “I am not Photogenic“. Every body wants to know how to look good in pictures, everybody wants to be photogenic right. Right now I think this bothers the guys more than the ladies. The guys are taking the front row in the quest of being photogenic.


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Being photogenic does not imply transforming from being beautiful to more beautiful, or ugly to handsome NO!!!. Being photogenic is knowing the right things to do in a particular picture to make it cute and awesome. This is why we are looking for that particular photo that will make us 10 times more beautiful or handsome than we are, hence the use of filters, nonsense!!!


With these little tips you will learn how to look good in pictures by avoiding photography mistakes. Let’s get that particular picture for your Facebook Instagram or twitter that will wow that girl, make her want to know you.


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Learn how to look good in pictures : Avoid photography mistakes


1. Your button styleHow to look good in pictures : Learn to be Photogenic

Is it a t-shirt you are wearing or a blazer or even both? Learn which buttons should be done up. Now if you putting on a tie, your shirt buttons should be done up. Loose tie shirts signify laziness. Double breasted Blazer 
or double buttoned blazer? do only the top button, check your fly.



2. A drink in your hand

Well, if you are not advertising a brand, I can’t really figure out what that implies. Well, some pictures are just meant for snapping for fun, not really to make an impact. I wouldn’t know if a responsible lady would trip over a picture of a guy holding a drink in his handsome.



3. The gang signify

Its just astonishing how guys have embraced the peace/ gang sing. Grown men should not be showing off two fingers in air, it is meant for slutty nightclub girls. Throwing peace or puppet signals isn’t what makes you photogenic.

How to look good in pictures : Learn to be Photogenic



4. Perfect smile

Perfect smiles are not just actualized in-front of a camera. You need to practice. take time and choose your smiles. Do several practices looking at the mirror, with that you would get that perfect smile that makes your face glow. Pudding should be avoided, and the crazy pouting… guys, well no comments. Just get that smile done. A Perfect male smile does alot of wonders on the ladies.



5. Candid camera

There is no pix more beautiful as the candid camera pictures, even though sometimes we try to fake it by looking away from the camera. Looking away from the camera is an awesome idea, but a real candid photo is a master-piece. Those moments will live in generations yet to come.


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So Have fun…guys…Get that picture…Get that girl…you are amazing just being who you are.

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