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With the high level of accidents and road mishaps, car / auto insurance has become a necessity for all car owners. Car insurance is now as important as life and health insurance. Getting your car insured is one thing, getting the best deal of car insurance is yet another aspect you should look into. However, if you are yet to insure your car, think of how to get car insurance.  You might be  operating on  a high risk frequency.  Car insurance protects car owners against damages due to accidents and even theft.


There are lots of other benefits of car insurance, but which of the car insurance companies will be able to offer quality coverage for your vehicles at an affordable price?. This article is loaded with information that will not only guide you on how to get car insurance, it will also help you choose a car insurance company that is apt for you. It doesn’t matter if your looking for better rates or shopping for your first car policy, all the information you need is online. Let’s quickly take a look at the factors to consider before choosing auto insurance company.


How to get Car Insurance │How to get Low Quotes│Car Insurance Documents

Tips and guides on how to get car insurance

1. Compare Prices and Quotes

Definitely this is one of the factors one needs to consider before choosing an insurance company. Some companies might come along with tempting quotes which might make you dive into the deal. Before considering cheap quote from companies, take a close look at the terms of your policy. (It has to match with your last auto insurance policy). You should also ensure that you are getting an equivalent amount of coverage. Also check their aftermarket materials for repairs. Most Car insurance companies that offer cheap quotes do not use original factory parts. This could compromise your safety.



2. Online Search

In the digital world, all the information we seek is on the world wide web. Get all the information you need from your car insurance company on the internet. Auto insurance has state-by-state regulations, each states’ department has valuable information for consumers on their website. You could also search the National Association of Insurance Commissioners State Web Map to find a link to your state insurance department.


Searching the net for auto insurance will give you the knowledge of the various insurance companies licensed within the state. you will also be able to get price comparisons between competing agencies and most importantly , guides to auto insurance. Some auto insurance companies provide complaint indexes. With this information you will be able to determine and decide to sign with a preferred auto insurance company.


Get help form an agent if you are unsure a prospective insurer is licensed within your state. Do not fail to report to appropriate authorities if the company falsely claims to be licensed.



3. Check your policy

How much are you paying in premiums? How much coverage are you getting? These cost differ and vary with companies operating with the same policy. (This could be as a result of the amount spent on the adverts by a company).The use of auto insurance aggregator website like could help you alot.  In exchange for an array quote form different insurance companies, visitors submit information about their car and driving history. Also, try to search for websites that sell insurance directly to customers and provide quotes immediately for instance Progressive and Geico.


Keep in mind most of the websites aren’t protected from third parties, Set your browser to notify you anytime you leave a secured connection.



4. Acquire all the information you need

To get accurate quote online or offline, you need to have full details and some required documents about your car. This is very important.

Some documents and details required for auto insurance

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Car make,
  • Car model, and year.
  • Copy of driving record.
  • Updated credit score and all other necessary information.
  • You will also need to know the zip code of where you park your car.

TIP : To get a lower insurance premium: Get record of the number of miles driven by you in that year and match it against the record of the previous year. An obvious decrease in the mileage could result to lower quote.



5. Method of purchase

Just as we have been emphasizing on the online option which implies doing it your self, you could purchase a policy through an agent. With the digital growth rate, people find it more convenient using the online platform to purchase a policy. However majority still purchase policy through a licensed person who sells policies on behalf of one or more insurance companies (Agent)

  • TIP : Here are the types of coverage that can appear on a typical auto insurance policy:
    * Property damage liability
    * Collision
    * Medical payments/personal injury protection
    * Bodily injury liability
    * Uninsured/under insured motorist coverage
    * Comprehensive


Endeavor to check the type of coverage that is legal in your state.


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