How to become a Software Engineer without attaining Formal Education

With technology, virtually everything is achievable. Technology has made life so easy that most information we would have obtained paying millions of dollars could be accessed free of charge. With the rate at which technology is moving, in 2020, lots of jobs will go extinct. Technology has made learning easy and more fun. We learn new things even in the convenience of our homes. This is you can be able learn how to become a software Engineer without attaining formal education.


Software engineers are now widely sort for. Many industries are on the look out for software engineers. With this high demand of software engineers, and startups here and there looking out for developers, it wouldn’t be out of point to learn how to become a software engineer without attaining formal education.


Coding skills is now becoming one of the hottest jobs on planet earth. This article will be able to give you a head start on where and how to become a software engineer without having a degree in the field. However, it is quite possible you are reading this article, because you  want to learn more about coding, and most probably you want to try a switch in career.


One thing I would want you to know is, your dream is achievable. All you need is commitment, and consistency, you could start making the big bucks with the big boys that studied coding in school. Keep reading and code like an expert in the field.


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Learn How to  Become a Software Engineer in the following Recommended sites


1. Khan Academy

How to become a Software Engineer without attaining Formal Education

No one talks about coding without making reference to the awesome resource of Khan Academy. This could be your best pick why ? You will be engaged with interactive talk through’s, powerful tutorials and challenges. You will actually have the feeling that you are getting to your dream goal, and do you know what? it is a very
friendly site. The language is informal and most times skips the boring topics, or approaches it in a very fun way. The good part is….IT IS FREE!!!

 2. Code Academy

Code academy is an awesome step for beginners. You are licensed to create free account and acquire syllabus of learning. In this sites you will be able to access projects, quizzes, and other educational materials. With this you could start practicing simple coding.


3. aGupieWare

This site has a plethora of so many video tutorials all related to computer science. As I said initially, all you need is dedication and time. With the tutorials videos, you will have a one on one connection with the tutor . The videos are loaded with so much coding knowledge.One good thing about video tutorials is, you could pause, rewind, and play at will. Coding is made easy. You could start coding on your own. You also have the feeling of a live class-room.


4. GitHub

GitHub is more like a place to prove you have learnt some coding skills from your online lessons. It encourages open source coding with the resources contained in it. With this you can start working independently on projects. Practice and improve on your new acquired skill. This is yet another friendly site. You will gain a lot through their free wealth of resources on coding.


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We hope this compilation of free resources will launch you fully into your new career. Learn how to code to day. Start making big bucks.


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