Happy Valentines Day: Get 20 Unique & Romantic Messages for your Man

Happy Valentines Day: Get 20 Unique & Romantic Messages for your ManHave you got a gift for your loved one, husband, boyfriend, or fiance? Perfect, however, romantic gifts and gestures isn’t complete without the appropriate words as accompaniments. Sending Valentine texts to someone you truly love goes far beyond, “Happy Valentines Day” or I Love You”.

Although, true love can’t be quantified by mere words, however, an organized romantic text could make your loved one feel special. Besides men, love it when you flatter them, trust me it works pretty well.

Now grab your device and send that awesome romantic text. Oh!!! you need something very romantic and unique for a new relationship or quite a very long relationship.

Read on to get all the help you need to get inspired by these awesome romantic and unique valentine messages for your man.

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Wish your man a Happy Valentines Day with these 20 Unique and Romantic Messages

Happy Valentines Day: Get 20 Unique & Romantic Messages for your Man

1. Being with you was all I wanted, all I need and all I yearn to have. Your strong arm has carefully sculpted me to something amazing. I am now a product of love, am so happy to call you mine. I will always love and cherish what we share. Happy Valentines Day My Love.

2. I never knew I could fall in love so many times and….with the same man…? Am stuck on you and don’t want to be any other place outside your arms.

3. Your love is my prison cell, and I have sentenced myself to life in imprisonment. There is nothing out there in the free world for me. I belong here with you. Happy Valentines Day

4. Dreams have always made me smile and kept me going, but when I met you, I never wanted to fall asleep again, because you made my reality more amazing than my dreams.

5. Whenever I sit down to ponder, “how did we come this far?”, the only question that pops out of my head is “where have you been all my life?”. I love you more than the moon and the stars.

6. In my darkest times, you have always been the tiny light that leads me through. Amidst the turbulence of the world, your gentle words soothe my skin and gives me comfort, that is why I ask you to be my ship and my captain. Happy Valentines day to the best man in the world.

7. Have you noticed anything weird about me? Well, if you haven’t then I want you to know that the thought of you when am alone makes me smile. I will always fight to be by your side.

8. If my love for you is to be placed into a cart for you to push, I bet you, you wouldn’t be able to move an inch. I will keep loving you till the stars fall down.

9. I celebrate Valentine’s Day with you everyday in my heart, and I still wish to let you know on this special day that, our love story just begun. I will never stop telling the story till the world realizes how lucky I am to have met you. the love of my life.

10. Whenever I think of how perfect this world would be without evil and so much hatred, I always think about you. You alone know how to love me right. Happy Valentines day My love.

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11. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy even when the moon has taken your place. As the night gets longer, I go to bed knowing that my sunshine can’t wait to be with me again. Happy Valentines Day my sunshine.

12. Whenever you say “I Love you”, my heart leaps with joy and like the still water my soul is at total peace when you kiss my lips. You are the only one for me.

13. Darling, you light up my world like no other, when am with you time is immaterial, I will be with you even in our next world.

14. Sometimes I say to myself, “if I could be able to grab the sun every time you have made me smile, the whole world will be in total darkness forever. You are my smile.

15. I love you not because you are so lovable, but because you have taught me the true meaning of love.

16. You are the only one that make me smile with just a look, and when you touch me, I feel like the only girl in the world. Happy Valentines day to the man of my dreams.

17. I will love you forever, I will never pay back your love with disappointments, be rest assured that I am all yours, my love for you is unending, my love. Happy Valentine’s Day.

18. They said it is valentine’s day, but unfortunately, they haven’t met valentine, YOU ARE VALENTINE, and it is your day.

19. You are my lover, you are my friend, you have contributed so much to my life that life without is meaningless. You are my inspiration. I love you my muse.

20. I never knew the meaning of love until you walked into my life and swept me out of my feet, just by doing absolutely nothing. Loving you was so easy, and peaceful. You are an epitome of love. Happy Valentines day.

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Happy Valentines Day: Get 20 Unique & Romantic Messages for your Man


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