Happy Easter Funny Quotes: Happy Easter Wishes – Happy Easter Greetings


Happy Easter Funny Quotes: Happy Easter Wishes - Happy Easter Greetings

These Happy Easter funny quotes will definitely light up your mood this holiday period. Easter is yet another awesome holiday that should be void of anger. It is also a very great day for Christians.


Do you know that Christians all over the world are eagerly waiting for this period? It is a very important event in the life of every Christian. Besides, it marks the end of the 40 days Lenten period of fasting, and praying, It also welcomes spring and oh!!! the most important one; it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after dying on the cross.

Happy Easter Funny Quotes: Happy Easter Wishes - Happy Easter Greetings

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Already, the atmosphere has been charged, it is yet another Easter celebration. Now every one seem to be greeting, “HAPPY EASTER”. What a wonderful period. The Easter celebration is all about happiness, and also a very good period that reconnects with long lost families and friends.

However, you will be able to find “Happy Easter funny quotes” you could send to someone, just to put a smile on their faces. Just take out some minutes to peruse through these few Happy Easter Funny messages / Happy Easter Greetings. We are sure you will definitely find it worth sending to a friend or on your social media wall. Read up and make someone happy this Easter.

Happy Easter Funny Messages – Happy Easter Funny Quotes : Happy Easter Greetings

1. Am beginning to like Judas Iscariot, because he made it possible for us to have a very long Easter Holiday starting from Thursday till Monday.  However, I don’t intend betraying you. Atleast, not yet. Happy Easter my dear.

2. I know at a point in life, we all fee like giving up. Whenever you fell like that, just remember, that Jesus Christ resurrected on the third day. That should be a light of hope. Happy Easter.

3. No matter what, my love for you still supersedes the love for Easter bunnies. Happy Easter my love.

4. They say it is wrong to put all your eggs in one basket, but, I think Easter is the only day you are allowed to put all your eggs in one basket. Right?

5. As you enjoy your Easter candies this period, I have a message for you from your dentist, ” DO NOT FORGET TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH.

6. Easter a period of surprises: and am sure you are surprised you are reading me. We don’t talk often, but you are always on my mind. I wish you a very Happy Easter.

7. I wish you a very blissful Easter with lots of friends to celebrate with, love from families and lots of CANDIES

8. Where did the eggs go? Well, just forget about ’em eggs. Rejoice ‘cos Jesus Christ is risen. Death couldn’t hold him BACK. If you believe, then you are unstoppable Happy Easter.

9. We all know that Easter is all about, BUNNIES, EGGS, LOVE, and most importantly, a period when majority of people go to church. Whichever it is for you. I wish you all the good things that comes with the Easter celebration.

Happy Easter Funny Quotes: Happy Easter Wishes - Happy Easter Greetings

10. All I want this Easter is Chocolate and…………… lots of cuddles from you. I miss you. Happy Easter.

We aren’t sure these originally composed Happy Easter Funny Messages / Happy Easter Greetings might be exactly what you need but, you could get some idea from these 10 messages. Do not forget to share on your social media using the social media buttons below. Happy Easter to you our awesome reader.


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